Niš Airport to triple passenger numbers by 2018

Niš Constantine the Great Airport estimates handling some 100.000 passengers this year and for the figure to increase threefold to 300.000 by the end of 2017. The airport, which had no commercial flights this time last year, will be served by both Wizz Air and Ryanair this summer, with additional new routes expected in the coming period. "The average cabin load factor [on flights to and from Niš] is just above 90%, which means there are passengers. All those who were concerned that there wouldn't be enough travellers were mistaken, because the airport is used not only by locals, but also people from other parts of Serbia, as well as Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo", the airport's General Manager, Vladica Djurdjanović, said. Constantine the Great Airport has welcomed some 24.100 passengers so far this year.

Ryanair's Chief Commercial Officer, David O'Brien, who visited Niš on Monday to announce the budget carrier's second route from the city says the airline did not introduce services only to stick around for a single season. "We have been planning our arrival onto the Serbian market for a long time. It will take a while to judge whether it was a wise move but considering loads on our Berlin flights, we believe that the Serbian market has great potential", Mr O'Brien said. He added, "Our arrival will attract other carriers too". Ryanair notes that once it introduces a new city to its destination network, it looks to follow up with the addition of several routes. The carrier expects to handle some 60.000 passengers on its flights between Niš, Berlin and Bratislava during its first year of operations.

Wizz Air, which last month announced its third route from the south-east Serbian city says it is constantly evaluating the market. "We listen to our customers and respond to demand whenever possible. Customers in Serbia continue to turn to Wizz for low fares to more destinations and we remain committed to stimulating business and hospitality sectors with more visitors now able to travel to the southern regions of Serbia", the airline noted. According to Niš Airport's General Manager, local officials are in talks with Maltese authorities over potential services. A sizable number of people from south-eastern Serbia live in Malta. Currently, Air Serbia operates seasonal services to the island-nation from Belgrade and will boost frequencies on the route this summer. On the other hand, Ryanair has its own operating base in Matla.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    Well done INI. A good example of how to activate an airport.

  2. Anonymous09:03

    I find it a bit hard to believe that they are attracting passengers from Macedonia and Bulgaria.

    1. Anonymous09:08

      thought the same, especially that SKP and SOF have the same routes

    2. Anonymous09:47

      They launched two weekly, not two daily flights. I am sure they don't need the neighbouring countries to fill those seats.

    3. Anonymous10:36

      I also have direct flights to EIN from BEG but I still sometimes use BUD or TSR because of days/times/price. I am not saying they are attracting a lot of passengers from neighboring countries but a few might find this convenient for them.

    4. Anonymous12:33

      They do, but for sure it is much more that SOF attract from Serbia and Macedonia.

    5. Anonymous17:09

      Anon 10.36. I cannot imagine using BUD to reach Belgrade in normal circumstances. If you are not a backpacker from Scotland or Pirot with all the time of the world, too complicated and very impractical. With all costs included you end up turning a normal short flight into a full day travel just to pay marginally less.

  3. Anonymous09:07

    Congrats INI.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX09:09

    OT: LX A320 GVA-LJU today
    ETA 0935h

  5. Anonymous09:12

    What's the obsession with Malta? Could it really work?

    1. Anonymous09:16

      well, according to some estimates, there is some 40.000 people from SE Serbia on Malta, so you do the math

    2. Anonymous09:31

      Malta ima 400.000 stanovnika, nisam znao da su 10% Srbi ;)

    3. Anonymous10:29


      At the 2005 Census the non-Maltese population numbered 12,112 (3.0% of the total population). Of these, people with:
      - British (4,713),
      - Italian (585),
      - German (518)
      - and Libyan (493) citizenship were most common.

      Of the total population of 416,055 persons in 2011, 20,086, or 4.8%, are non-Maltese nationals, an increase of 65.8% over 2005.

      So where are Serbians here? In this blog every week (as potential for opening new routes) we can hear that USA census is not right and that there are million of Serbs in USA instead of 60.000 as it is by census, that there are hundreds of thousands Serbs in Canada, Germany, France, Austria, Cyprus, Australia, Russia, Malta, even United Arab Emirates. One wonder if Serbians are bigger nation than Germans or Italians.

    4. Anonymous11:54

      Even if there is a sizeable Serbian population in Malta (no where near 40000 though), it generally consists of illegally employed waiters and bar staff, who don't have any paperwork or contribute to the taxes there. Opening a route to facilitate an ongoing illegality is hardly going to be on the Maltese government's agenda.

    5. Anonymous12:10

      There is 3% of non-Maltese population i Malta. There is no way that 10% of population is working on black market, and that all of them are Serbians.

      One more unreal dreaming comment! There is estimation that 541 Serbians are in Malta (by Government of Malta). If all of them fly back home it is enough for 4 planes to forfill.

      By Serbian government Diaspora office estimation of Serbians are much higher than census in those countries:

      700.000 Germany
      328.000 USA
      300.000 Austria
      150.000 Switzerland
      120.000 France
      120.000 Sweden
      109.000 Italy
      102.000 Canada
      85.000 Australia
      39.000 Netherlands
      35.000 Russia

      6.500 United Arab Emirates

    6. Anonymous12:14

      Ja ostavih neki dan sve 4 porodice sa juga Srbije. But according some estimates ....

    7. Anonymous12:30

      Aaaa, ako je 4 porodice onda mora da na Malti sad ima već i 50.000 Srba. za godinu-dve će da budemo većina.

    8. Anonymous13:14


      trololololo :-)

      Anon 9:16

    9. Anonymous13:17

      actually, @Anon 9:16 only quoted INI CEO:

      "Direktor Đurđanović govoreći o mogućnosti uspostavljanja linije ka Malti, gde prema procenama živi i radi oko 40.000 ljudi iz ovog dela Srbije, rekao da preskednik privredne komore Leskovac i gradonačelnik malteškog grada razgovaraju sa čelnicima Malte oko uspostavljanja ovo avio linije."

    10. Anonymous14:57

      e pa svaka čast na takvom direktoru. Ali obzirom što smo se već naslušali od samog premijera:

      1. Air Serbija ima promet veći nego Croatia, Montenegro i Adrija zajedno.

      2. Beograd je najveća zračna luka na Balkanu (ko šiša Atenu, Istanbul, Solun, Heraklion, Rodos i Bucharest, koji su bitno veći, pa što je danas 6 aerodroma, to je kao ništa)

      3. Beograd će kroz dvije godine imati promet veći od Budimpešte

      4. Beograd jedini ima liniju prema SAD-u, a to nema čak ni Atena (iako je istina da Atena ima čak 2 prijevoznika sa SAD i dva za Kanadu)

      ...što onda ne bi i jedan direktor minijaturnog aerodroma provalio da 10% Malte naseljavaju Srbi (što je tri puta više nego svih ostalih doseljenika zajedno).

      Svagdje političari i direktori javnih poduzeća, koji su i ovako postavljeni od politike i rade za politiku, baljezgaju, ali ovo nije baljezganje, ovo je parodija!!!!! Pa malo mozga uključit, bože mili, pa da laž barem zvuči iole moguća. Ovako se i mala djeca ovom smiju, a sve ostale informacije primamo ne sa zrnom soli, nego ih smatramo neistinitim.

    11. Anonymous16:47

      US Census is weird. I filled out the questionnaire and didn't say i'm an ex-Yugo. I think you have to write it in, which nobody has time for :). There are more serbs than 60k (less than 1MM, for sure). Same like Belgrade used to have 2MM people for years, but now suddenly we understand that it's not yet at 1.2MM.

    12. Anonymous17:06

      But of course. By same standards 10% of population in Malta are Serbians, just because you said so.

      Government agency is not right you are. Because you have so much money and resources and you calculate all USA inhabitants. You know even better than Republic of Serbia that estimate this number.

    13. Anonymous18:42

      The number of Serbs is well above 60.000.
      There is more Americans who use Serbian as a home language than Croatian. 70.000 vs 53.000.

      Source: US Census bureau:

      This data can be useful to predict the actual number of travelers between Serbia an the States. (please Admin do not delete this post as this is relevant)

      As for heritage data, many Serbs are still listed as Yugoslavians. Of 300.000, Serbian ethnicity is predominant.

      Another official source from 2012 regarding that:

      Thank you very much.

    14. Anonymous21:11

      As we said there is 199.000 Serbs,

      and 415.000 Croats.

      310.000 Yugoslavs are mostly Bosnian as you don't have them as nationality, some of those are Macedonians, Slovenians, Croats and Montenegrin mostly from mixed marriage. Why on sake of god Yugoslavians should be Serbians, not Bosnians or Croats?

    15. Anonymous22:41

      False, a almost 50-50 split between Serbs and Bosnians considered as Yugoslavs

    16. Anonymous00:34

      Of course, and one can see that in magic ball. The same ball that can tell you that 40.000 Serbians makes 10% of Malta inhabitants. I am so sure that Serbians would call themselves Yugoslav instead of Serbian. That's for sure.

  6. Anonymous09:15

    INI reminds me on MBX. The biggest difference is that INI became successful and MBX not. These airports must always compete to the country's flagship airport BEG and LJU.

    1. Anonymous09:22

      Reminds me more of TZL :)

    2. Anonymous09:25

      How many passengers did Tuzla handle last year, I forgot?

    3. Anonymous09:34

      TZL 2015 - 259,074

    4. Anonymous09:35

      Thanks :)

  7. Anonymous09:22

    My predictions for future Ryanair flights to INI.

    1.London - Stansted or Luton

    German bases are also high on my list but can`t decide Weeze, Hahn, Bremen...

    1. Nemjee09:29

      I think FR flights from NUE could work very well.

    2. Anonymous12:17

      Not Bergamo but Treviso. Srbi zive u okolini Verone u Italiji. Dva leta nedeljno bi bilo dovoljno.

  8. Anonymous09:25

    The good news is that they will start the construction of a new control tower next year too and complete installation of ILS CAT 1.

  9. Anonymous09:29

    next destination - London Stansted! Please!

    1. Anonymous09:44

      Serbians still need visa to visit UK. I'd guess CIA, BGY, MLA

  10. Purger09:47

    Bugarska je otvorila natječaj za koncesionara ZL Sofija. Koncesija će biti na 35 godina, a država očekuje 695 milijuna USD prihoda od koncesije.

    Sofija ima preko 4 milijuna putnika prometa, hub/baza je Bulgaria Aira (13 zrakoplova i 26 linija), Wizzaira (7 zrakoplova i 34 linije), Ryanaira (kreće sa 4 zrakoplova i 22 linije), te charter compania BH Airlines (6 zrakoplova) i Bulgaria Air Charter (14 zrakoplova). Na aerodrom lete ukupno 37 kompanija od čega 7 LCC.

    Vlada će krenuti natječaj sa 260 milijuna EUR, a nada se da će uspjeti naplatiti 613 milijuna EUR. Ryanair traži od Vlade da uvjetuje od koncesionara da poveća promet na 12 milijuna putnika u idućih 10 godina.

    1. Anonymous10:18

      Not good news for BEG and INI. That means more passengers from South Serbia via SOF in future.

      What is BEG waiting for with concession. Process is delaying for several year now. It is shame disaster as Croatia Airlines privatization.

    2. Anonymous11:22

      That huge expansion (Ryan and Wizz) + concession for airport till end of year, what will push even bigger expansion, is not good news for Niš, Skopje and Belgrade. I think that Belgrade will miss opportunity with this waiting same as Croatia Airlines missed opportunities before Jat privatisation.

    3. Anonymous11:24

      Yeah, they are already padlocking Belgrade Airport and putting up wooden barriers over the doors.

    4. Anonymous12:26

      Don't need to use those prepotent comments.

      Fact is that this will influence BEG, the same way BEG expansion influence ZAG. Lot of passengers from Central and South Serbia already use Sofia, and even more of those will use it after Ryanair opening base and SOF privatization (and expansion that will follow).

      In near future (another 1 year) there will be huge expansion in region that will influence BEG:

      - SOF Ryanair base, one more Wizzair plane in base, privatization = passenger from Cental and South Serbia

      - INI Ryanair and Wizz routes + new possible routes in near future = passenger from Central and South Serbia

      - Timisoara 7 new Ryanair routes, Wizzair to 15 routes, Blue Air 2 new routes = passengers from Central and West Serbia

      - Budapest airport 12 new routes in ottom 2016 = passengers from Central and North Serbia

      - Osijek airport 2 Ryanair routes, 3 new Trade air routes = passengers from East Serbia

      - Tuzla expansion = connection passengers from Sarajevo and Banja Luka

      - Zagreb expansion (new flights by CSA, Air Transat, Croatia, Lufthansa, Wings of Lebanon, Qatar, LOT...) = less passengers from East Croatia, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Skopje, Dubrovnik, Split and Banja Luka to connect via BEG

      - more flights especially LCC (Ryanair, Germanwings, easyJet, Wizzair) from SKP, TGD, TIV, DBV, PUY, SPU, TIA means less passengers via BEG

      if you don't see that than you are really wearing pink glasses.

    5. Anonymous12:36

      And what? You think nothing will happen in BEG during that time?

    6. Anonymous12:42

      @ 12:26 you also seem to be wearing extremely pink glasses. You included WINGS OF LEBANON as a new Zagreb customer. LOL. That way I can include Qeshm Airlines as a new customer for Belgrade. They will operate one weekly flight from June to September from Tehran. Almost like Air Transat to Zagreb. Your entire comment is based around how Belgrade will crash and burn. Of course none of your bullet points affect any other airport. Only Belgrade. Qantas will launch additional flights from Sydney to Auckland. This is VERY BAD NEWS FOR BELGRADE!

    7. Anonymous13:13

      Again, you are talking nonsense. Of course that route Sydney Auckland would not effect BEG at all. Not a one passenger. And you know it. But that argument must be put on that everything else does not look so bad.

      Wings of Lebanon will not take a lot of passengers from BEG, but few on ZAG-BEG-BEY for sure will! And that is also what you know. But, Wings of Lebanon in so long list definitely is not something you and me should concentrate on.

      Qeshm would influence ZAG if Croatia airlines would fly BEG-ZAG and connection to Tehran. But it does not. Unlike ZAG-BEG-BEY.

      Of course all of that influence also other airports (Timisoara expansion means less Budapest flights), but last time I check this blog is about ExYU, isn't it?

      Yes, Belgrade expansion influence OSI, ZAG, LJU, SJJ, SKP and slow down their possible expansion. Especially during dumping period. I know that Turkish in ZAG get med about it. In Croatia people are real about it. But in Serbia you don't want to see that. And than you are surprise why BEG numbers go down, and will be again surprise next winter.

    8. Anonymous13:15

      Just to put things into persepctive:

      2005 vs 2015

      BEG: + 2,743,753
      SOF: + 2,214,943 (entered EU)
      ZAG: + 1,036,279 (entered EU)
      SKP: + 926,500
      TGD: + 428,510
      LJU: + 219,408 (entered EU)

      Yes. Belgrade is doomed.

    9. Anonymous13:17

      Pa ta linija ugrozava i OS sto to niste napisali ali bitno da se spomene BEG.

    10. Anonymous13:19

      Why you don't compare before Etihad? I think that the picture will look entirely different lol

    11. Anonymous13:26


      2005 vs 2013

      SOF: + 1,630,326 (entered EU)
      BEG: + 1,510,837
      ZAG: + 748,712 (entered EU)
      SKP: + 458,442
      TGD: + 361,189
      LJU: + 102.204 (entered EU)

      Any other year you wish to nitpick until you get your desired result?

    12. Anonymous13:30

      Upravo dokaz koliko je EY dobrog doneo zajedno sa ASL.

    13. Anonymous13:43

      Ceka Purger tu tupi da ce Osjek da im odnese putnike iz Istocne Srbije. Da li se on najeo bunika onih finih zapadnih civilizovanih.

    14. Anonymous15:10

      Passengers near border like Apatin (Osijek airport is just some 20-30 km from Apatin), Sombor, Kula, Odžaci, even further, use Ryanair to London, Croatia to Dubrovnik and Split, and Trade Air to Zagreb. For sure they will use Dublin (especially that Belgrade does not have Dublin flights), Pula and Rijeka when Ryanair and Trade air start those flights.

      Of course that is also not huge number of passengers but in every flight you have some of those. It is not problem of one or two routes, but with so many things happens around Belgrade it will have influence on airport.

      And why, for good sake, you think I am Purger?

    15. Anonymous15:14

      INN, of course it will influence OS, but you don't find OS as airline in Belgrade?

      If you meant Osijek (then you should write OSI), for sure it will not make so big influence on it as on Belgrade, as there is influence only from Budapest, for sure not from Sofija, Timisoara, Niš...), and not from Zagreb as with more routes from Zagreb there would be more passengers on OSI-ZAG connection route.

    16. Anonymous15:15

      If EY didn´t buy JU it would´ve still remained as the old JAT with the ageing 737s and ATR jets. Yes, the new JU brand is cool, but not that cheap. Passengers today care mostly about price and not metal cutlery, free beer or an industrial baguette with plastic cheese. If JU, managed by EY, wants to continue its growth then they have to be dynamic. The idea to create BEG as, yet another European ¨hub¨ was probably not the best idea. Come on, even PRG and BUD failed. Today the real hubs in Europe are the big capital cities. Just fly via CDG, MUC and voilà. Tачка.

    17. Anonymous15:38

      Pa ja znam vrlo dobro sta pisem Gospodine i mislio sam na OS ne OSI ako ce W7 oteti putnike ASL onda ce i OS ali ne samo se pise BEG.

    18. Anonymous16:56

      "Today the real hubs in Europe are big capital cities" Er, not true. London, Paris and Istanbul are indeed big capital cities. But FRA and MUC and AMS are not. Following your logic the rise of QR, EK, EY hubs would be totally impossible.

    19. Anonymous17:49

      the number for SKP is not correct @ anon 1:15 PM

    20. Anonymous18:41

      Za INN:
      Majko mila Cicko, pa tko je rekao da će Wizz i Ryan oteti putnike ASL? Gdje si to pročiao? JA TO NISAM NAPISAO!!!! To si ti pročitao u svojoj glavi u kojoj što god da se napiše mora biti protiv ASL, a ti si "vitez" koji je moraš braniti.

      Ja sam napisao da će se uzeti putnici BEG, ne ASL. Žalostno je da poistovječuješ ASL i BEG. Dakle kad se kaže BEG onda se pretpostavlja da će se uzeti putnici i JU, i OS, i LH, i SU... pa čak i Wizzu u Beogradu.

    21. Anonymous18:41

      Anon 15.15

      Much is not a capital city, though many Bavarian nationalists would certainly want that. ;)

    22. Anonymous21:18

      @ AnonymousMay 20, 2016 at 5:49 PM

      It is very much correct

      2005 - 525,965
      2015 - 1,452,465

      I presume you can subtract numbers to see the difference.

    23. Anonymous22:19

      Pa svako zna sta vi mislite kad pisete BEG ali ce opet jako da raste.

    24. Anonymous00:37

      Bože mili koje si ti derle. Ne dete nego derle!

  11. Anonymous09:51

    I doubt Macedonias or Northwest Bulgarians use INI. SKP has plenty of destinations to offer. NW BG would use either Craiova or SOF. Perhaps Kosovars can, but yet again PRN has plenty to offer too.

    1. Anonymous19:48

      PRN's got a lot of destinations, yet very high prices! This market is extremely price sensitive. That is why I believe INI has got a lot to offer there.

  12. Anonymous09:53

    Kudos to INI !

    As much as I'd like LYKV to happen, I think that the chances are getting slimmer with each new route from INI.


    1. Anonymous09:55

      Just thought of that too. I Agree.

  13. Anonymous11:30

    Good work for Nis for turning it's fortunes around. It happened quite quickly. Would love for the same scenario for Kraljevo or even Uzice but as someone else said, as INI expands it looks more unlikely.

  14. Anonymous11:43

    Great news for INI. Hopefully we will see some terminal building renovation soon :)
    I am expecting Milano, Stockholm and maybe Oslo as new destinations in the future.

  15. Anonymous11:48

    Oppss I forgot Paris ;)

  16. Anonymous12:15

    SOF will have over 70 year-around destinations by the end of the year. It's hard to imagine Bulgarians coming to fly from INI.
    More realistic for me is us going to fly from there, but ...lets see what will happen.

  17. Anonymous13:14

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anonymous13:14

      To je dobro za INI .
      Ali FR je napravio gresku na Liniji BTS-INI sto se leti Pet i Pon i tako ce tesko pridobiti Putnike . OS i ASL ce dalje biti glavni.

    2. Anonymous15:45

      OS reduced flight operations by 13% in 2015 vs 2014. I see more of it with FR's arrival.

      What is the LF for OS and JU on this route?


    3. Anonymous18:38

      Don't know about OS but JU's average lf (throughout the year) is around 65%. Vienna is not such a bright performer for JU. They have about 27% of the market.

      In other words, they get butchered by OS.

    4. Anonymous19:41

      They only take O&D on that route, and not that much due to high price... Actually, I believe their duopoly price fixing deal with OS is what is killing them. 90-100 euros instead of 120-130 would go a long way.

    5. Anonymous21:24

      It is surprising that with all the diaspora in Austria, Zurich is well ahead in terms of passengers handled from/to Belgrade. BEG-VIE is ~200k in my estimate for 2015, while BEG-ZRH is 355k. If we include Easy from Geneva and Wizz in Basel, we are surely>400k per year for Switzerland-Serbia traffic.
      Perhaps due to relative proximity (compared to Zurich and other diaspora destinations), bus passengers account for larger portion of the overall traffic. Even if we assume that BEG-ZRH sees more connecting passengers, it means that there is quite a bit of upside for FR on INI-BTS route. BTS is only 45 min further away from Vienna compared to VIE airport.

      According to comments and first hand experience, Treviso would be another hit destination for FR.


    6. Anonymous22:18

      OS ima dosta bolji LF .
      Te letove ce da koriste Gradjani Srbije koji idu na produzen Vikend u VIE retko ko iz VIE ce da ih koristi .

    7. Anonymous23:45

      What is the percentage of O&D passengers for OS ?

  18. Anonymous13:15

    OT Does anybody know what is YU-APG doing in Adria Tehnika ?

  19. Anonymous13:39

    When talking about new line, I do not think that either Ryan or Wizz will start some "exotic" routes. If there are new routes, it will some of the already served from SKP, SOF or even TZL, because people from this region (the Balkans) are migrating in more or less the same places - Autsria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia. So in any future expansion in INI, we can expect routes to north-eastern Italy (mainly TSF), maybe Euroairport, Paris (Beauvais) and Scandinavia (Malmo maybe?). The only "semi-exotic" route might be Moscow (O&D and tourism), and in this way, INI might attract pax from Macedonia, since SKP doesn't have a link with Russia.

  20. Anonymous14:24

    OT: Wizz Air sole bidder for West-Balkan routes

    Hungary’s low cost airline Wizz Air was the only airline to submit a bid for five West-Balkan routes from Budapest, according to a report published in economic newspaper Világgazdaság today.

    The National Development Ministry told the paper that the four-year contract could be signed as early as summer and preparations would begin thereafter.

    This would give the airline a monopoly on routes between Budapest and Albania, Bosznia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. In the event that the airline incurs a loss, it could seek compensation from the government, Hungarian news agency MTI reported.

    Since Hungary’s national carrier Malév was grounded in 2012, a number of direct flights from Budapest have ceased to exist. This void could be filled by the new cluster of Wizz Air routes, according to MTI.

    1. Anonymous15:22

      there are idiots siting in Montenegro that did not run for this routes to Montenegro from Budapest.

    2. Anonymous15:28

      YM have SO HIGH rates on their website - TGD-DUS 228€, TGD-CPH 282€!! They are crazy!

    3. Anonymous15:51

      Official requirements were to have a fleet with average age under 8 years and to have at least one hungarian speaking cabin crew on the flight. IMHO Adria and Croatian are stupid not to give it a go with W-pattern flights (e.g. LJU-TIA-BUD-TIA-LJU),

    4. Дечко Тзар01:10

      Wizz is de facto flag carrier of Hungary and state supported as such, so no surprises there. Being O&D only, new routes are not going to impact Air Serbia, unless Wizz copies Ryan and starts offering trial connections at BUD. Moreover, using those new Balkan routes to feed potential transatlantic partner might be a challenge to Air Serbia but that Wizz option is not official as of now.

  21. Anonymous19:03

    Another airport got back to life By Wizz Air after Tuzla.

  22. Anonymous01:40

    INI wants new control tower next year, improved terminal building and ILS CAT 1. Wizz and Ryan are expected to subsidize this investment as a return for subsidy they are getting via 3 eur per passenger INI airport fee. At least that's how it should be but it won't. Airport doesn't have money for construction as they have been robbed blind by 3 eur fee, so government will have to invest in those expensive projects so that Wizz and Ryan can make even more profit at INI all while pooping on that same government for supporting JU at BEG. How ironic.

    1. Anonymous08:54

      Noooo.... it is like that? Really???

      And tell me why BEG delay rebuilt and expansion of terminal?

    2. Anonymous09:06

      Why was Zagreb Airport's expansion delayed 15 years?

    3. Anonymous15:03

      Short memories killing us. Where was Nis Airport 4 years ago, or 10 or last year in this time? From 2010-2013 City of Nis subsidize Windjet and Montenegro airlines with 3 mil euros. In the same tame BEG donate 2 mil euros to Nis Airport in cash. Result of 5 mil euros donation was 28000 pax per year and after that period in 2014 Nis Airport has 1300pax and one mil eur debt. So who robbed Nis Airport? The fact are opposite.Government did not and will not invest nothing. After finishing control tower in Tivat, SMATSA will start to build control tower in Nis because they need it, also ILS CAT 1 is SMATSA obligation, that is Eurocontrol money, not from budget of Serbia. Question is why they did not do that before? Terminal will be expanded and that is an investment of several hundred thousand euros. And at the end, Nis Airport will have 100.000pax in 2016 and with two more routes over the 200.000pax in 2017. We can only congratulate for this resuls.

    4. Anonymous16:15

      Memories are selective. You said "SMATSA will start to build control tower in Nis because they need it". Others need it even more, go to the end of the queue INI:

      "The Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency has announced that it will finance the construction of a new control tower at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Construction will begin next year and is set to be completed by 2014".

      Quoted info was before Air Serbia deal and major traffic growth at BEG that followed. INI getting new control tower ahead of BEG is a clear indicator of corrupted priorities.

    5. Postovani Anon 4:15 PM.
      Tacno je sto vi govorite. Govoreci otvoreno za Beograd je uslovno bolje da je jedini aerodrome u Srbiji. To je I u prirodi coveka. Da drugi ne umanjuje posao, novac. Ne radi se o tri, cetiri mala aerodroma u Srbiji samo sto nisu sposobni, nemaju potencijal putnika... Nece niko da leti sa njih... Kada LCC treba da lete do sada drzava nije bila naklona. Ako jeste, pa zasta je onda Nis placao Crnogorcima da lete? Umesto kao sada Low Cost companije pocinju da slecu bez ogromnog novcanog opterecenja Nisa. Situacija se menja na bolje. Izgradnja kontrolnog tornja na Niskom aerodromu jeste mali deo onoga, koliko ce kostati kontrolni toranj na Nikoli Tesli. To jeste istina. Sustina jeste u tome da Vlada ucestvuje u prosirenju terminal u Nisu. Dogradnji i pustanju aerodrome Morava Kraljevo kao i Ponikve Uzice za pocetak. LCC, Kargo i carter saobracaj utelizuje novo osnovanu kompaniju Aerodromi Srbije. Zar porez Srbije nikada nije ulozio dinar za Aerodrom Nikola Tesla Beograd?. Na to moraju za pocetak imati I Aerodromi Srbije. Tu je i privatizacija neizbezna sansa za razvoj Nikole Tesle. I ne samo njega. Pa sused Albanija sada ima tri aerodrome. U Kukusu pocela gradnja. Naravno govorim o komercijalnim aerodromima. Vreme je ekonomske decentralizacije Srbije i opismenjavanje u biznisu i administraciji regione i opstine pogotovo. Sve ovo navedeno (i jos bezbroj stavki)jesu kamen o vratu Vladi Srbije. Na kraju svega, Aerodromi Srbije su realnost buducnosti Srbije. Zajedno i paralelno sa auto putevima I zeleznicom. Ne za 100 godina, Nego u iducih sedam godina.Beograd jeste lider u stanovnistvu, potencijalu, biznisu... Ali Beograd nije pozeljan da se preseli u njega jos polovina Srbije. Pojedine lokakane price su dobre u lokalu. Ali nedovoljne za opste dobro Srbije, tako i za razvoj sva cetiri oblika saobracaja. Radujmo se kako Nikoli ''Tesli'', tako i Niskom, Kraljevackom i Uzickom za sada. Ova godina jeste godina pocetka privatizacije aerodrome I pocetka saobracaja sa preostala dva. ✈Moravom i Ponikvama✈. Topli pozdravi iz jesenjeg Sydney - a. Rodney & Care Team

  23. Anonymous05:45

    Catch 22.

    1. Vrlo inteligentna konstatacija: ''Catch 22''. Sound all right. Dissolution maybe? Kako ko razume, tumaci. Ipak promene i transformacije su na pocetku u komercijalnom biznisu civilne aviacije. I svega ostalog.✈R✈SYD


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