Air Serbia A330 arrival


Air Serbia took delivery of its first wide-body aircraft, an A330-200 today at a Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. More information available here. Click photos to enlarge.


  1. Predivnvan izgled Er Srbia!✈+!

    Topi mi srce svojim izgledom.
    Melting heart. So beauty couloirs on this aircraft. Simple. So exsayding. Love go to Serbia's flag carrier. magnificent AIR SERBIA.
    Rodney Marinkovic. Kings Park. Sydney Australia

  2. Anonymous04:04

    Those uniforms and grooming standards are disgusting. Cabin crew looks like a group of 3rd world hotel maids on temporary work in Abu Dhabi or something like that... And to think they were once the symbol of feminine standards and poise! This is really painful to look at.

    1. Anonymous08:19

      Don't look then. Though I doubt the pain will go away even after you stop looking.

    2. Anonymous13:52

      Have a look at this report which was reported on this very website last year.

      Air Serbia uniforms were voted second best in the world by Marie France magazine - after Emirates and ahead of Singapore Airlines, Korean Air and others.

      I would say that this judgment, made by such an authoritative magazine, has far more weight than your opinion on this subject - unless ofcourse, you are the editor of Vogue magazine

  3. Sad sam tek primjetio... Zasto nema crveni trbuh, kao Erbasevi?

    1. Gazi Bengazi21:25



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