Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pilot fury at Montenegro Airlines


Montenegro Airlines' pilots have expressed their dissatisfaction with the carrier's management saying they are deeply concerned for their job security and the company's future. Furthermore, they have requested for all of their outstanding wages to be paid in full. In a statement, the Pilots Union said, "We have submitted a note of protest to the government. The airline might be forced to reduce its operations if our demands are not met". According to local media reports, some pilots are owed up to four monthly wages. They have given their employer until the end of the month to make good on its obligations. "This sort of treatment from the management towards its employees only deepens the animosity and mistrust", the union said. Montenegro Airlines recorded a 10.2 million euro net loss in 2015, making it the least profitable national carrier in the former Yugoslavia. During last year, seven pilots left the company, unhappy with workplace conditions.

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