Pristina reopens after twenty hour shut-down

Pristina Airport reopened today late in the afternoon following an incident last night which involved a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 skidding off the runway upon landing. No casualties have been reported, although six people requested medical assistance. There were 151 passengers and six crew members on board. The airport was closed for over twenty hours as Kosovo's Aeronautical Accident and Incident Investigation Commission (KAAIIC) carried out a preliminary technical investigation to try and establish the cause of the incident. The first aircraft to land in Pristina today was an Adria Airways Airbus A319 from Frankfurt, at 18.20.


  1. Anonymous10:09

    Edelweiss from Zurich also diverted this morning.

  2. Anonymous10:10

    Have they managed to move the plane?

  3. Put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbuy!10:22

    TK is trying really hard to regain the runway excursion crown off the hands of Lion Air this year!


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