Qatar Airways delays Skopje launch until 2017


Qatar Airways has confirmed to EX-YU Aviation News it will push back the launch of its service between Doha and Skopje until early 2017. The carrier initially planned to introduce the route on October 2 with flights to run three times per week, each Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with an Airbus A320 aircraft. Tickets are yet to be put on sale. Earlier this month, Qatar delayed the launch of its planned new service to Sarajevo by a month, to November 2.


  1. Anonymous13:18

    I told you they won't launch them this year. Not a priority destination and fleet shortage.

  2. Aэrologic11:02

    Of course. That destination didn't make sense anyway, along with Sarajevo.

    1. Anonymous21:23

      Why not? Whats wrong with Sarajevo? All the Flydubai and Air Arabia flights are packed.

  3. Anonymous22:17

    Too bad, I was hoping to use to go to NYC with QR from SKP but I guess I'll be travelling to Sofia order to fly QR.

  4. Anonymous15:10

    So when can we know the dates of Doha-Skopje and Doha -Sarajevo? Will there be way to be sure of the launch dates?


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