Sarajevo Airport anticipates Tehran service


Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina are considering the removal of visa restrictions and the establishment of a direct air link between their two capital cities. The matter was discussed by the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Zvizdić, and Iran’s Ambassador to the country, Hassan Rajabi, during a meeting over the weekend. Both sides have already taken steps for the service to materialise in 2017. The Iranian official said the establishment of a direct link between Tehran and Sarajevo will help promote tourism and enhance economic and cultural cooperation.

Flights between Iran and the former Yugoslavia will launch this summer. Iran's largest tour operator has chartered fourteen flights between Tehran and Belgrade between June and September, to be operated by Qeshm Airlines, which will carry some 3.000 Iranian tourists to the Serbian capital. In March, planned charter flights between Tehran and Dubrovnik, that were to be operated by Croatia's Limitless Airways, were cancelled due to "administrative reasons".


  1. Anonymous16:08

    Nice to see Iran eyeing our region. Hope to see them in all the Balkans very soon!

  2. Good news for Sarajevo


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