Serbian company eyes Portorož Airport


Serbian-based holding company MK Group has expressed interest in purchasing a stake in Portorož Airport, the smallest of Slovenia's three commercial airports. In a statement, the company said, "Portorož has the potential to further develop and increase the number of foreign visitors. That is why we want to develop both the airport and marina. We want to promote Portorož as a high-end destination and it is in our interest to boost the number of flights in order for the airport to work at full capacity. The MK Group is one of Serbia's largest private sector companies, while the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) holds a 5% share in the business. The operator of Portorož Airport has struggled to enter into a public-private partnership arrangement with another company in order to lengthen the airport's runway, which is seen as crucial for attracting new airlines. The airport's operator sees potential in linking Portorož with flights to Italy, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and France. Operator Aerodrom Ljubljana, holding company Istrabenz and the Port of Koper are all looking to sell their stakes in Portorož Airport. The MK Group says its involvement now depends on talks with local authorities.


  1. Anonymous11:37

    MK will buy it for 1€, if Slovenians accept it

  2. Anonymous18:44

    With that runway length and almost no appropriate small props left in Europe they are dead! No hope!


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