Turkish diverts to Belgrade over unclaimed phone


A Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300 en route from Istanbul to London Heathrow made an emergency landing at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport this morning after cabin crew found an unattended mobile phone on board. The device was found mid-air and nobody claimed it when the cabin crew made an announcement asking who it belonged to. The pilots contacted Nikola Tesla airport to make an unscheduled landing. There were 298 passengers on board. After conducting security checks officials found no explosives on board. It is believed that the phone could belong to a passenger from a previous flight. A Turkish Airlines spokesman said, “At the termination of the relevant security process, no suspicious issue has been detected and the aircraft has continued to its original destination”.

Photos posted on Twitter by user @ihabalami, a passenger on board the flight


  1. Anonymous11:41

    Just a few days ago Turkish plane was evacuated at IST due to bomb threat.

  2. Anonymous11:55

    Novi peh, TK1979 se sad pokvario na na taxiway-u pred pragom piste 30.

    1. Anonymous11:56

      Stvarno nemaju srece.

    2. Anonymous13:41

      But, but, but they have so nice catering!
      And cheap prices.
      What does flight safety and terrorism matter?

    3. Anonymous14:12

      ...and they have 4 skytrax stars!

    4. Anonymous15:01

      Pilots decided to divert to BEG precisely for safety reasons. Their action indicates that in TK safety matters. Any responsible airline would do the same.

      But I guess there is not much sense in explaining this to trigger-happy haters whose main skill is to take any given daily news and spin/twist it so that it can feed their bottomless pit of hate.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX12:07

    Photos fm BEG?

  4. Anonymous12:09

    Jel ima neka slika aviona na BEG?

  5. JATBEGMEL12:36

    TK in the media again for the wrong reasons, and its always safety related.

    Their cabin crew don't seem properly trained. This is something that should of been spotted by the crew, whilst conducting an effective safety and security search of the aircraft before customers board the ac.

    Reminds me of a flight with them to IST where not a single member of the crew including the purser was able to properly deal with a simple medical case onboard.

    1. Anonymous13:15

      You can explain it to the guy from yesterday who thought TK is the best airline of the world.

    2. Anonymous14:46

      Here is the hater brigade, always ready to spin and deliberately misinterpret whatever they can so that they can give some reason to their sick hate. It is sad to be you.

    3. JU520 BEGLAX15:18

      One of the best looking 777-300s in the world, what an honour to hve it in BEG today (eventhough unplanned)
      I like their painting very much

    4. Anonymous19:17

      Are you serious? Their livery is one of the dullest and most bland around. Check your eyesight.

    5. Anonymous19:39

      Hater brigade hahaha...Pure facts...Look at the bottom you have there the links of incidents in only 1 year of the "best" airliner...

    6. JU520 BEGLAX20:27

      Serious like a heart attack:
      CX,SK,JL,TK,EY,AV,VN,AA are liverys I like

    7. JATBEGMEL22:58

      @ anonymous 2,46pm

      Its not about hate but fact. Its worrying that a global airline such as TK is writing off brand new aircraft, and having a series of incidents from over running runways, landing at wrong airports and this isn't the first time TK has diverted to BEG due to unclaimed items found inflight. Something in the crew training is not working, or addition training is required.

    8. Anonymous06:27

      Dosadni ste za sve pare. Ako vam se ne svidjaju nadjite lepo nekog ko nikada nije imao divert, medical emergency ili sumnjiv predmet u kabini, letite sa njima i uživajte. Kao da vas neko puškom tera u TK.

  6. Anonymous13:41

    Some photos from a passenger: https://twitter.com/ihabalami/status/735776901910777856

  7. JU520 BEGLAX15:14

    Thanks for the pics 😊

  8. Anonymous16:17

    Here is the takeoff video:


    1. JU520 BEGLAX20:51

      Found 2 videos on utube, thanks a lot you shared it with us


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