Zagreb secures Tehran charters


Qeshm Airlines will operate eleven charter flights between the Iranian capital Tehran and Zagreb this summer. The service, which caters for Iranian tourists, will operate once per week, each Friday from July 8 until September 16. Earlier it was announced that the carrier has also been chartered to operate fourteen flights between Tehran and Belgrade starting this June. Meanwhile, Iran and Bosnia and Herzegovina are working towards establishing commercial flights in 2017. Iran is becoming an increasingly appealing market following the lifting of international economic and financial sanctions on January 16.


  1. Anonymous15:52

    Wow, it seems the Iranians have a lot of money to spend. I wonder if an ex-yu carrier will begin regular flights.

  2. Dear ExYu - could you please inquire with your source at Zagreb Airport as to what type of airplane will be planned ? Thank you very much for confirming and reporting on this news... :)

    1. Anonymous10:48

      airbus 300 or airbus 320

  3. Anonymous23:55

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  4. Zna se samo da je dolazak u Zagreb u 23:00 a polazak iz Zagreba za Teheran u 00:30.

  5. one way ticket ce biti popularan...


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