Adria introduces "hand baggage only" fares


Adria Airways has begun selling tickets intended for passengers travelling with their hand baggage only. The Slovenian carrier says it is the first in a numbers of steps aimed at unbundling ticket prices, resulting in passengers paying only for what they actually need. The "what you pack is what you pay" fares are cheaper than those including checked-in baggage. "Analysis over recent years has shown that almost a quarter of Adria's passengers travel with hand baggage only. From now on, passengers will be able to purchase a ticket that includes hand baggage only and these will be more favourable than tickets with a checked baggage allowance", the airline says. It adds, "Adria Airways is keen to keep pace with trends in the airline industry, with the needs of modern travellers and wishes to enable passengers to "build" their own tickets to suit their actual needs. The first step in this direction is the possibility of travelling with hand baggage only". Adria's data shows that almost a quarter of its passengers spend a maximum of two days at their destination and find travelling with hand baggage (up to eight kilograms) sufficient. Adding checked-in baggage more than 24 hours prior to the flight will set passengers back fifteen euros. The new policy is the latest in a series of measures intended at reducing Adria's fares. In 2014, the airline began charging its economy class passengers for food and beverages.


  1. Anonymous22:56

    good news! following the business model convergence trend

    AirSerbia should do the same in light of LCC expansion in Nis.

    I wonder what the average airport charges for baggage handling are. Airlines price check-in bags at around EUR 20 per leg.



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