Air Serbia readies for New York launch


Air Serbia is preparing for its inaugural service between Belgrade and New York on June 23 with the carrier expected to host a major event in the Big Apple upon the launch. According to local media reports, passengers on the first flight will include the United States Ambassador to Serbia, the Serbian Prime Minister, as well as some of the "living legends of Serbia" whose names are featured on Air Serbia's aircraft, such as footballer Dejan Stanković, former basketball player Vlade Divac and actor Miki Manojlović. Air Serbia's CEO, Dane Kondić, told the "Elevate" magazine publication, "Launching a new route is always an exciting time for an airline, but it takes on even more meaning when it comes to our New York service, which will be the first nonstop air link operated by a Serbian airline between Serbia and the United States since 1992, nearly a quarter of a century ago". He added, "Over the past few months, I have spoken to many people who told me they can't wait for our new transatlantic service to take off. We also know how important it is that our guests can catch easy onward connections from New York to cities such as Chicago, which is a big Serbian population centre, on one end, and from Belgrade to cities in the Balkans on the other. We have some exciting announcements in that regards coming soon".

Air Serbia will operate flights to New York with a 254-seat Airbus A330-200 aircraft five times per week. "We've gone to great lengths to make sure it [A330] offers the best possible travel experience over the Atlantic, with completely lie-flat beds in Business Class, menus showcasing Serbian cuisine and personal entertainment systems loaded with movies, TV shows and music in both Serbian and English", Mr Kondić said.


  1. Anonymous11:48

    @admin there's a typo in spelling of Airbus

    JU keeps talking of easy connections, yet they don't seem to have an interline nor a codeshare. How should passengers make those connections?

    1. Anonymous12:11

      My guess is they will announce a codeshare soon.

      "We have some exciting announcements in that regards coming soon."

    2. Anonymous13:45

      Hope it's B6

    3. Anonymous14:26

      My guess is American Airlines since B6 cooperates with Emirates.

    4. Anonymous15:02

      B6 cooperates with EY too

    5. My two cents ae on the interline or codeshare... Nothing else would be that exciting :D

  2. Anonymous14:47

    Naravno da ce Vucic biti na letu, ali cudno je da nema "decka" na spisku putnika, on je svaki dan pricao o ovim letovima a nije kupio kartu a iskreno nece nikada ni uci u A330 dok je u Beogradu a kamoli proci tamo gdje su gejtovi i gdje se ulazi u avion.
    Ovo je Vucic trazio i njegova je destinacija, koliko on zna o ovom trzistu i o ovoj industriji samo njegov izgovor "Atina je veci grad i veci aerodrom a nema letove za SAD" kaze sve. Atina ima preko Delte 12 letova sedmicno u jednom pravcu veliki dio godine haha i tu je jos United Airlines koji leti Atina-Newark i da se ne bi zaboravilo Emirates i Singapore kompanije koje BEG ili ZAG nikada nece vidjeti na svojoj pisti. Emirates mozda za 50 godina a Singapore kad svinje budu padale sa neba, Emirates leti uglavnom tamo gdje obican narod ima dosta dobar ekonomski standard i gdje narod moze letiti barem u Evropi. Sa prosjecnom platom od 400 eura nisu mogucnosti velike a sa ZAG su velika vecina putnika ili dijaspora ili turisti, obican narod ide autobusom zbog novcanika.
    Nazalost regijon ce se nacekati nekadasnji vremena prije 1991 ili 1992. Danas je moglo biti mnogo drugacije da nije bilo ratova i agresiji.
    Za kraj, oni koji su se hvalili sto ce konacno biti SAD letova, jesu li oni licno kupili karte ili je njima samo drago da ima i ako oni nece nista uciniti da popune letove?

    1. Anonymous16:59

      Kakav pacenicki komentar!
      Ljudski je bar pozeleti srecu....

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  4. Congratulations Air Serbia! It has been a long time coming! I look forward to the return of non-stop flights like JAT had on the DC10 from ORD-BEG until 1992! Wishing Air Serbia lots of blue skies and tailwinds! Ziveli!
    Danny Rakovic
    Chicago, IL


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