Air Serbia unveils long haul product


Air Serbia has officially unveiled its long haul product today, which will include a number of new features, such as flying nannies and AVOD entertainment, as well as a la carte dining in business class. The new services will be available on the carrier's Airbus A330-200 aircraft, which will be deployed to New York as of tomorrow.

Business Class seats

According to the carrier, apart from the 1-1-1 cabin layout, passengers in business class will enjoy fully flat bed seats, amenity kits, a personal in-flight entertainment system, dining at the time of their preference, a turndown service, Internet connectivity, a "do not disturb" button, and a 2 X 32 kg baggage policy. Meanwhile, travellers in economy class will have at their disposal in-flight entertainment on personal 10.9 inch TV screens, a choice of three meals, Internet connectivity and a 2 X 23 kg baggage policy. The economy cabin is configured in a 2-4-2 layout.

Flying Nanny

All flights between Belgrade and New York will also feature a "Flying Nanny" - a dedicated cabin crew member helping to get children on board settled into their seats, keeping them entertained and offering advice and support to parents. Flying Nannies will be equipped with a goody bag of games and activities to help keep children occupied during the flight. Furthermore, the airline has introduced the Elevate Duty Free service, allowing passengers to purchase goods on board. Due to current restrictions and safety measures, duty free items bought at airports other than Belgrade will not be permitted on board the Air Serbia flights to New York as carry-on baggage, even if packed in appropriate safety bags.

Economy Class seats

Finally, the airline's new in-flight entertainment system, entitled Elevate Play, will feature both Serbian and Hollywood-produced movies and TV shows, as well as music, video games and news.

Presenting the new service, the CEO of the Etihad Aviation Group, James Hogan, said, "Air Serbia has had one of the fastest turnarounds of any airline. It is the leading airline in the Balkans and one of the leading boutique airlines in Europe. It is a good mid-size airline and it is profitable. If Air Serbia wasn't part of the Etihad Aviation Group they would not have been able to launch these flights".

Due to popular demand and the historic nature of Air Serbia's maiden flight to New York, EX-YU Aviation News will begin coverage of the inaugural service tomorrow (Thursday) at 06.00 CEST / 00.00 EST.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX15:41

    Once avbl, pls let us hve Menu and Winecard fm C class. Thank you

  2. Anonymous17:19

    Hogan's comment is kind of hilarious.

    1. Anonymous17:27

      Which ones exactly ?

  3. Anonymous17:33

    Please guys just a question to set the record straight. I am from Greece and on 30th of august I'm gonna travel to New York via Belgrade, I am not allowed to buy something from Athens airport duty free shops? Thanks in advance for the help.

    1. Anonymous18:10

      As the rules are now, no, you will not be able to buy something in the Athens duty free and take it onboard the A330.
      You can, if course, buy something to consume in the mean time.

    2. Anonymous18:12

      From the text it looks like you won't be able to bring liquids bought in Athens on the BEG-JFK flight. You would have to buy the drinks in Belgrade, which is a bit inconvenient, but it's almost certainly cheaper for you to buy them in Belgrade if you have enough time.

    3. It says just that in text above. Though I would check with the airline to know that for sure. Maybe you should email them now to know what to do in advance.

      All the best!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Anonymous18:13

      Yep it's true. They listed this notice in the travel alerts section on their website.

    2. Sorry, I've deleted comment just to put it as the reply for the question.

  5. Anonymous18:23

    Space in front of seats A8 and C8 is listed as galley on the A330 map, but pictures and videos of area next to door L2 do not look like a galley. What is it then?


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