Daliborka Pejović to remain Montenegro CEO


The first and only female CEO of a national carrier in the former Yugoslavia, Daliborka Pejović, has been endorsed by the government for another term at the helm of Montenegro Airlines. Ms Pejović was first selected as the carrier's CEO in the summer of 2013. Although the airline faces financial issues and significant debt, Ms Pejović explains that these have been inherited from her predecessor, who she has accused of financial mismanagement and the arrangement of unfavourable aircraft leasing contracts. Under her tenure, the carrier has devised a recovery plan with the aim to cut both losses and debt. Montenegro Airlines ended 2015 with a net loss of 10.386.432 euros, the highest of any national carrier in the former Yugoslavia. Ms Pejović, a high-ranking member of the governing Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), has previously held posts at the Ministry of Culture, the state-run enterprise Museums and Galleries of Podgorica, the national Health Insurance Fund and is currently also serving as the State Secretary at the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism. The government has also named Miodrag Koljević, Iva Djoković, Nusret Ećo and Danilo Popović to the airline's Board of Directors.


  1. Anonymous23:51

    Case in point that diversity isn't always for the better.

  2. Anonymous08:17

    If you can not turn around such a tiny company in three years then you never will.

  3. Anonymous11:32

    She is not CEO, but President of Board of Directors..

    1. Anonymous11:34

      And when you are the President of the Board of Directors you are also the CEO.

    2. Anonymous11:46

      No, CEO is a Chief Executive Officer, this is two separate functions..

      Board of Directors:

      President - Daliborka Pejović
      vice President - Milan Avramović
      Member - Ivo Đoković
      Member - Miodrag Koljević
      Member - Nusret Ećo


      CEO - Zoran Kostić

  4. Anonymous12:05

    In 2015 they lost 18 Eur per every passenger boarding! Holy cow!

  5. Anonymous13:16


  6. This woman become President of BoD without any airline expirience. It is not real to make any improvement in company, but it is expected to push them in more problems and debts. She had big political support and in last three years company received more than 11 mil Eur of state subvention. Dispite that MA made more than 10 milion- loss. So it is absolutly clear that she received new nomination only to try to sell company and make political employment to meet new elections in Montenegro ( oct 2016).


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