EX-YU Aviation News turns 8!

EX-YU Aviation News today marks eight years since going online, on June 1, 2008. Since then, there have been dramatic changes to the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia. With 3.019 articles published as of today, EX-YU Aviation News has been there to track all of the latest developments. In addition to the over 3.000 articles, there have been 710 news flash items published, 850 new route launches recorded and 100.630 comments made. Over the years, a total of 9.686.689 page views have been registered. Since going online eight years ago, the website has been updated every single day.

EX-YU Aviation News was initially launched as a blog with the aim of bringing together commercial aviation news from the former Yugoslavia, which was at the time sparsely available. Last year, EX-YU Aviation News became a stand-alone website with its own domain.

It is thanks to you that the site has lasted for eight years. Your staying power is fantastic and the industry has taken notice. The one thing that brings us all together is our passion for aviation.

As we have approached the half-way point of the year, here are the most popular articles of 2016 which have received the most views so far, and some recent additions have made a big impression

2. Air Serbia launches JFK ticket sales
3. Ryanair to launch Niš service in September
4. Turkish jet skids off runway at Pristina Airport
5. Ryanair to launch Bratislava - Niš flight

Thank you for visiting, contributing and participating.

Here’s to the next eight years!
EX-YU Aviation News


  1. Ryanair15:47


  2. Anonymous15:55

    wow, it's been 8 years, and 7 since i've been visiting every single day. congrats

  3. Thank you for all great news!

  4. Congratulations! Čestitke!

  5. Anonymous18:15

    Happy Birthday to Yu... Happy Birthday to Yu... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR EX-YU... Happy Aviation News to You!

  6. Anonymous19:20

    Congrats, can't imagine a single day without this blog! Thank you!

  7. Eight years in Internet time is an eternity. It is a big accomplishment.

  8. Anonymous19:59

    Happy anniversary thank you for all the news Martin Gannon

  9. Anonymous21:06

    Blog, ki je bolj točen od švicarskih železnic...vsako jutro točno ob 9:00. Hvala za vse novice. Pozdrav iz Ljubljane

  10. Anonymous21:26

    Thank you for every single day. I a'm on bord every day, sins eight years too. Plese continue the fantastic work, the heaven is the border. Keep going Admin, you never wolk alone... NL -BG

  11. Anonymous22:09


  12. Good effort!
    Looking forward to the next 8 years and what it will bring!!

    Many Thanks.

  13. Anonymous09:25

    Thank you. Great site. As long as you ignore the trolls.......

  14. Anonymous09:31

    Congrats!!! Sve najbolje Vam zelimo u buducem radu!

    ps. You became my morning addiction :))

  15. Great work - always an impeccably reliable news source. Congratulations to all involved.

  16. Честитам!

  17. JU520 BEGLAX12:35

    Congrats admin to a fantastc 8. First thing i check in the morning is you. Day by day. Your job is awesome and i say 1000 x thank you for sharing all these vintage photos (cultural heritage of regional aviation) and the several daily news. All the best fm ZRH

  18. Anonymous19:19

    Ex-Yu, one of the best things you have done is to revert to the old template few weeks ago. Thank you!

  19. Anonymous20:27

    +1000000 NL - BG

  20. Happy B-Day! Live long and prosper!


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