Maribor Airport sold


Savings bank Delavska hranilnica has reportedly sold its outright stake in the operator of Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport - Aerodrom Maribor. Its Chairman, Jože Stegne, has announced that a buyer has been found and that the bank would receive between three to four million euros from the sale. Delavska hranilnica, the largest of three union-controlled savings banks in Slovenia, has held a full stake in the operator of Maribor Airport since last June, while it bought a 57% stake in November 2014. "We will make profit on Aerodrom. A contract has been signed to sell it", Mr Stegne said in an interview last week, while failing to provide any details. The daily "Večer" has also reported that Delavska hranilnica had signed a contract for the sale of Maribor Airport with an undisclosed buyer. Mr Stegne had reportedly agreed with the buyer not to reveal its name to the public yet. He said that it was a strategic investor which would develop the airport. Meanwhile, the General Manager of Maribor Airport, Ladimir Brolih, said he knew nothing about the sale and that he could not comment on it. According to Delavska hranilnica's Chief Supervisor, Ivan Sotošek, the name of the buyer will be known soon, when the transaction is expected to be completed. Maribor Airport has no scheduled year-long flights. It handled 24.896 passengers in 2015.


  1. Anonymous11:55

    Does anyone knows who might have bought the airport?

  2. Anonymous12:05

    Does anyone know why MBX struggles to find airlines to fly there? Its a cute airport but totally unused most days

    1. Anonymous13:17

      Bad management.

    2. Anonymous13:37

      It is also has very good and new equipment.

  3. Purger12:53

    Ovo je vjerovatno kupio netko tko ce razviti LCC luku, a jos vjerovatnije Fraport ili neka njegova sestrinska firma da ne dozvoli otvaranje LCC aerodroma u susjedstvu. Ne bi bilo nevjerovatno da je iz isto razloga to napravio i aetodrom Graz.

    1. Anonymous13:18

      Ja upajmo, da vseeno gre za prvo opcijo... LCC baza na MBX bi bila zadetek v polno.

    2. Anonymous14:13

      Zakaj bi bila zadetek v polno? MBX je to z razlogom. Potniki iz regije uporabljajo ZAG, GRZ, VIE in LJU. Ne gre za najbogatejšo regijo..tudi to je velik razlog zakaj je prazen. Ko so imeli na voljo lete za LON so bila letala več ali manj prazna, kljub relativno ugodni ceni.
      Edina možnost, vsaj po mojem mnenju, je usmeritev v cargo. Glede na to, da gre veliko tovora v smeri Avstrije in Madžarske, bi ga vsaj del lahko šlo preko MBX. Druga stvar je, to kar že delno izvajajo, letališče za manjšo aviacijo ter šolsko letališče. Ampak za to so vseeno preveliki s preveč dobro opremo, ki bi je bilo škoda samo za to.

    3. Anonymous14:32

      I don't buy that 'not the richest part of Slovenia' argument. There are still a lot of people in Štajerska and neighbouring regions that would fly from MBX if they had anywhere to fly. Average LF on MBX-STN was 70%, but they didn't attract a lot of foreigners.

      Me living 5km from LJU would love to fly from MBX, if they had a LCC to idk, maybe Spain, Portugal etc. But not really to LON, BRU, etc. that have a lot of lines from Slovenia. They would need to start flying to unserved destinations.

    4. Anonymous14:33

      SEN*, sorry

    5. Anonymous14:35

      Instead of obscure Airlines and destinations Maribor should convince JP to start MBX-FRA flights.
      On 23.June (the days before and after show the same result) OS-flights between Graz and Frankfurt have the following availabilty:
      23.6. GRZ-FRA:
      OS 251 YL BL ML UL HL GL QL /GRZ FRA 1 0605 0725 E0/319 1:20
      2 OS 253 YL BL ML UL HL GL QL /GRZ FRA 1 1045 1205 E0/319 1:20
      3 OS 255 Y1 B1 M1 U1 HL G1 QL /GRZ FRA 1 1450 1610 E0/319 1:20
      E1 4 OS 257 YL BL ML UL HL GL QL /GRZ FRA 1 1900 2020 E0/319 1:20
      and FRA-GRZ on 23.6.:
      1 OS 252 YL BL ML UL HL GL QL /FRA 1 GRZ 0845 1005 E0/319 1:20
      2 OS 254 YL BL ML UL HL GL QL /FRA 1 GRZ 1250 1410 E0/319 1:20
      3 OS 256 YL BL ML UL HL GL QL /FRA 1 GRZ 1700 1820 E0/319 1:20
      4 OS 258 YL BL ML UL HL GL QL /FRA 1 GRZ 2140 2300 E0/319 1:20

    6. Anonymous15:15

      Wizz or Ryan to Spain, Portugal and maybe some German city.
      Adria to FRA and MUC.

      That would be great.

    7. Anonymous10:46

      Sorry guys..but reality is like this: I a 2 million market, with people rather traveling from VCE, ZAG, GRZ, VIE, MUC than LJU, and when GO-OPTI transfer more passengers every year than JP, last thing we need is another international airport. FRA, MUC with JP are there because of LH connections... and they are enough from LJU. Spain, Portugal is well served from TRS, VCE,... There is not enough passengers for this kind of lines to open in MBX. And about 70% LF for London... Is this good? That's rubbish. To have a 70% LF, fly from LJU to MBX twice completly empty, and with that fares, during the summer's like burning money.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX18:17

    All Maribor needs is a 0430h and a 1530h Direct Bus Transfer to LJU Airport and a Bus which returns at 1145 and 2245 so they d hve easy access to the most important JP flts


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