PHOTOS: Adria begins Polish expansion


Adria Airways launched flights from its Polish base in Lodz to Paris yesterday, marking the start of its expansion in the country. There were ten passengers on board the seventy-seat Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft on the inaugural service, according to Polish media. Adria maintains flights from the city to Amsterdam and Munich as well. The Slovenian carrier will introduce services from Rzeszow to Paris tomorrow, which will be followed by the launch of its Olsztyn - Munich route on June 17.

RouteLaunch date
Lodz - Paris02.06.2016
Rzeszow - Paris04.06.2016
Olszytyn - Munich17.06.2016
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  1. Anonymous17:04

    10 pax... :/

  2. Anonymous19:15

    What in the hell?!? Only 10 passengers! wow.

  3. Anonymous21:31

    Ten passengers you will also have from MBX.

  4. Anonymous12:07

    It's mother Lufthansa..

  5. Anonymous15:46

    Jesus, 10 pax is least i hope they get some subsidies ;)


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