PHOTOS: Dubrovnik Airport terminal advances


The multi million euro expansion of Dubrovnik Airport is in full swing, with construction of the new Terminal C building to be completed on schedule in September, while the official opening is slated for March 2017. The new terminal will stretch over 24.181 square metres and have the capacity to handle 3.5 million passengers per year, according to the project outline. Furthermore, it will feature an additional two air bridges. The new facility is located next to the existing Terminal B building. Once all work is completed, the two will be combined into a single functioning unit. The new terminal is part of a major 274 million euro expansion, which includes the construction of new storage facilities, access roads, a car park and the lengthening of the runway and taxiways. The airport plans to begin work on expanding its apron and taxiways later this year, while the overhaul of the runway is scheduled for next winter. The entire expansion project is to be completed in 2019 and is largely financed through EU structural funds.

Photo credit: Marijana Matulović


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    very good job, DBV!

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    Overall Dubrovnik Airport Terminal has 36500sqm, this excludes luggage sorting facility which has another 5000sqm. It is the 2nd largest terminal in Croatia and full combined capacity of the terminal is 5.5 million however absolute maximum capacity is around 8 million.

    There are long term plans to expand the terminal when capacity of 5,5 million is reached, new 15000sqm section will be added where current luggage sorting facility is, with two additional passenger boarding bridges added there as well, for total of 52000sm and 12 million pax capacity. But this is a long term plan 2035/2040.


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