PHOTOS: Zagreb Airport terminal nears completion


The construction of Zagreb Airport's new terminal building is nearing completion, with the finishing touches currently being carried out inside the multi million euro facility. The construction and installation of the new baggage handling system has been completed, as well as the installation of new check-in desks and counters. By the end of June, the terminal will have a new security and CCTV system put into place. The commissioning phase, where all the equipment systems needed to operate the entire building are put through a series of rigorous testing procedures before it can be occupied, will take place in December 2016 and January 2017, prior to the planned opening in March 2017. The General Manager of Zagreb Airport, Jacques Feron, recently said, "We are currently in talks with a number of airlines to introduce new routes, which is one of the ways we are preparing to transition into a new phase of our business operations, which will begin with the opening of the new terminal". He added, "Terminal construction is progressing at an excellent pace and is in line with our plans to complete work on the building by the end of the year, after which we will commence the testing phase and prepare for the grand opening in the spring of next year". The new terminal, valued at 313 million euros, stretches over 65.000 square metres and is spaced out onto four levels. The first two will be used for arrivals, while the other two for departures. It will have the capacity to handle five million passengers per year, which will increase to eight million in subsequent phases when the need to expand the building arises. Click photos to enlarge.


  1. Anonymous11:39

    The handover from the construction company is planned to 5th December for the commissioning and then there is 90 days for the commissioning and final sign off is planned for the 4th March.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX11:52

    Croatia is the country which has invested best of all ex YU nations in infrastructure. It is incredible what has been invested into highways, hotels, marinas, airports the past 15 years. Svaka cast, i m very proud of Croatia!

    1. Anonymous15:02

      True, a lot has been invested, but at what cost? Highly seasonal, overpriced and unprofitable highways financed with loans that seem will not be paid back in a hundred years and are constantly being refinanced with new loans.
      When it comes to airports, things are better and maybe less corrupt, but far from perfect. Just compare the original plan for the new Zagreb terminal and terms under which the French led consortium won the concession and what we have today - a big difference. Not to mention that they did not meet all the requirements for the concession in the first place. But at least we the tax payers won't have a new loan to pay for (or at least I hope so. Don't know what is says in the concession agreement and all the annexes to it).
      The only project that won't give you a headache when you think about it is the new Dubrovnik terminal being mostly financed through EU funds - the best kind of financing :)

    2. JU520 BEGLAX15:38

      We just opened the new Gottardo tunnel yday in Switzerland. Also of course plenty of arguings re costs. Infrastructure can never be 1:1 comoared with actual costs. For example yes Tourist will pay 30 eur for use of highway, but same time he will spend 3000 eur during the vacation in Makarska. Without the hwy he might not hve considered Croatia for holidays.
      if i see how many Austrians travel to Istria nowadays just because its only a couple hours drive.
      Hotels I think is mostly private investment or what is suncani Hvar hotels, Adriatic Luxury Hotel group etc?
      In regards to hotels Croatia has done an awesome job, I follow constructions and its quite impressive what has been done lately. And it pays off. Each year more tourists. I will spend twice my vacation this week in Croatia. I also check your webpages or the Brochures, Croatia has not only invested good it also promotes itself very good. For exampe Tip Travel magazine, published every 2 months in 3 languages. For us German speakers we hve each year the Istrien and Kvarner Magazin with terrific tipps and addresses of olive wine producers, restaurants. Nicely illustrated with good photo quality is a 1A website incl their brochures
      i know not everything is perfect, Croatia has plenty of problems, but in regards of infrastructure and promotion, you can be proud of whats been done

    3. Anonymous16:46

      Exactly, @JU520. This is the same kind of investment as bulding a national airline - indirect effects are huge and very hard to quantify with high degree of precision. Which is why I am baffled with Croatia not taking care of OU and its airports for so long, if they had been smart enough to build a great road infrastructure and other things you've mentioned...

      This is also why I really do not understand "financial experts" who discuss over and over about whether JU had a profit of $4 mil. or a loss of $16 mil. - making the other state run company very profitable at the same time, so money is there anyway - and not take into account the interest behing redistributing that profit for the sake of building something bigger.

  3. Anonymous13:02

    Living in Belgrade, but can only agree with JU520. Somebody is using his head over there.

  4. Nemjee13:18

    It looks very nice but I still can't understand why they opted for the 'metal' airbridges in stead of the glass ones.

    1. Anonymous13:52

      cheaper i think, no idea.

    2. Glass is crap, we have them at AMS now 2, even with our bad summer, it's a sauna inside.

    3. Anonymous15:40

      They even almost look like concrete jetways. Though I really like the new terminal, the bridges are just awful!

      I am always happy to board or leave the aircraft in HAJ - simple -but very pretty- glass jetways!! Something to be copied!

    4. Anonymous17:57


      Jetways at AMS do not have airconditioning, precisely because of your weather :) Airports that get somewhat warmer temperatures are usually equipped with airconditioning and are perfectly comfortable.

      At BEG, old jetways (with metal on the outside) are very hot during summer, as they do not have any kind of ventilation; on the other hand, new glass jetways are proprely chilled :)

    5. JATBEGMEL00:35

      I have flown through many airports with glass bridges (DOH, DXB to name the worst with heat) and they are well air conditioned and cool.

  5. Anonymous14:41

    Looks great!!! I love it!
    What is the final price?

    1. Anonymous14:54

      Try reading the article.

  6. Anonymous14:45

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  7. Anonymous17:37

    Wow, it looks absolutely perfect! So proud of Zagreb, congrats!


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