Ryanair to cancel some Norway - Croatia flights


Ryanair has announced that it will close its Oslo Rygge (Moss) base in southern Norway as of October 2016, which will affect its flights to both Pula and Zadar. The decision was made after the Norwegian government confirmed an Air Transportation Tax, plus Norwegian VAT, on departing domestic and international passengers. As a result of the new tax and subsequent closure, the airline will cancel sixteen routes from Oslo Rygge. Since both flights to Pula and Zadar are operated on a seasonal summer basis, passengers flying on these routes will not be affected this year. According to Zadar Airport, the average cabin load factor on the Oslo-Rygge service averaged around 70%. Ryanair will switch a number of services from Rygge to two other airports, Oslo Torp and the capital’s main airport, Gardermoen. However, neither Pula nor Zadar have been included.


  1. Anonymous12:52

    VAT on the tax will only apply for domestic journeys.

  2. Anonymous12:54

    To me it seems like Ryan was looking at transferring to other airports in Norway and cutting unprofitable routes. 70% LF is low for LCC. How come they don't care about the tax at Gardermoen.

  3. Anonymous16:15

    80 NOK (€10) tax per pax is ridiculous. Zadar and Pula routes are cancelled from RYG, but there is going to be alternative next summer.
    Also, more news for Serbia from FR next week

    1. Anonymous16:19

      Does it concern Nis? When could we expect the news (which day I mean). Thanks :)

    2. Anonymous17:49

      Sutra (cetvrtak)

  4. Maybe a chance for norwegian to launch flights from OSL to ZAD


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