Ryanair to launch new Niš flights


Low cost airline Ryanair will introduce an additional two routes from Niš Constantine the Great Airport this winter season. The budget carrier will launch flights to Bergarmo in Italy starting October 30, while services to Weeze in Germany will commence on November 1. Both will operate twice per week. Ryanair previously announced it will introduce flights from Berlin (September 4) and Bratislava (October 31) to the south-east Serbian city. Niš Airport handled 26.380 passengers during the first five months of the year.

Bergarmo - Niš30.10.2016
Weeze - Niš01.11.2016
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  1. Anonymous10:17

    Wow, impressed for Nis. I don't think Nis is the best choise in Serbia (better strategic-located and better infrastructure has Kraljevo Airport), anyway good for the serbian transport sector.

    1. No, Nis has a strategic important position... Kraljevo is OK but it's not close to highway, it's not on crossroad... Bravo for Nis!

    2. Anonymous10:52

      Because of the close highway all other airports are close for people from Nis (BEG, SOF, SKP, PRN and also Kraljevo). But which airport is close for citizens from Kragujevac, Krusevac, Kraljevo, Cacak, Uzice... This region has a much bigger population (especially Gastarbeiter ) and is much more away from other airports. And if you are going to claim that there is space for more airports => NO, Serbia is poor and there is no need for a third commercial airport, for now. The little ressources we have, need to be allocated best (not only in aviation sector), if we will to have a chance to grow again!!!

    3. Aэrologic12:13

      I agree about Kraljevo, raised that issue long-ago.

      "Aэrologic July 31, 2015 at 5:35 PM
      As a matter of fact, Kraljevo would be a much better option than INI as a low-cost base for Wizz Air/Ryanair, providing there is an organized shuttle-bus from Nis and other major cities in South&Central Serbia. That is notwithstanding the fact that it has a much more recent terminal and a wider touristic area to draw upon. It is also closer to Belgrade making it a more viable option even for travelers from Belgrade and other parts of Serbia."

    4. Anonymous12:32

      Niš was waiting for someone from Belgrade to finished their job almoust 30 years. Now they completed it by themrself. Kraljevo will wait for more than 30 years. When you are so strong, gather all the mentioned municipalities and finish the job, what are you waiting for?Belgrade? Airport of Serbia LTD? Somebody to work for you? Hard work is what you need and that is what happens in Nis.

  2. Anonymous10:49

    And what about that story that there are no enough passengers from Niš, that they are poor, no perspective?

    Now we have 3 Wizz route, 4 Ryan and one Rus Line with 15 weekly flights. That is some 5.400 seats per week, or 280.000 seats per year.

    I am sure that in near future we will have Pegasus to Istanbul also.

    So what is Air Serbia excuse now not to open at least one route from INI? We should name it Air Belgrade!

    1. Anonymous10:53

      Mnogo letovaaaaa.

    2. Anonymous11:23

      Air Belgrade IS the most accurate description for Air Serbia.

    3. Anonymous11:37

      Samo mi jedna stvar nije jasna nis sada ima 7 linija po evropi i to lepo rasporedjenih i dokazano je da ima i putnika i mesta za rast.
      U cemu je sada problem? Gde bi ti tacno da leti Air Beograd iz Nisa?
      Ako bi poceo da leti za Bec svi bi rekli nema sanse tamo vec leti Ryan ako pocne da leti za Beograd ovi svi ovde prvi ne bi leteli nikad...
      Nekim ljudima nikad udovoljiti...

    4. Anonymous13:54

      May I add my take on this subject too?

      The ASL project is financed by the whole country but is only for BEG area.
      That is why many citizens from the rest of Serbia feel it is Air Belgrade in reality.
      All other airports have been neglected by ASL because "no real traffic demand existed" proved by the recent developments to be just an excuse.
      They also feel that the government and ASL just wanted the whole country to only use BEG for air travel and that's why they "sabotaged" the other Serbian airports.

      That is the feeling I get after having talked to people far from Belgrade.
      Just my 2 cents.

    5. Nemjee14:19

      Ugh... you again? No one said that you were too poor to travel. We said you were too poor to fly on legacy carriers. ;)

      There was a consensus on here that these kind of airlines are the only ones that could make INI work. We were proven right.

    6. Anonymous14:30

      Anonymous at 1:54 PM

    7. Anonymous17:53

      Wasn't me...


    8. Nemjee18:50


      Sorry, I didn't mean you. I was replying to the Anon 10.49 who keeps on repeating himself all the time.:)

    9. Anonymous01:31

      Here's a new idea: Nis should not have any fees for airlines, actually airport should pay the airline 10EUR for each passenger. Soon Emirates, Delta and Air Tahiti Nui will start flying to INI and airport will grow to 12 runways and 200M passengers, if City shells out 2B EUR per year.

      Same approach is behind current growth at INI: think about how much airport debt will City have to pay to cover loses created by current 3 EUR below-cost fees!

    10. Nemjee07:52

      And how much did the airport lose before Ryanair and Wizz Air started flying there? Are you saying they were better off before when they used to have regular fees?

      With seven routes operated by high density aircraft, they can make money with €3 per passenger. It's not like they have a massive terminal or that many employees.

      All they need is volume and they will be fine. What's reassuring is that they are heading in that direction.

      If they manage to have 200.000 passengers, total income from the tax will be €600.000. Add to this all the ancillary revenue and you get one less public company relying on government for financial aid.

  3. Anonymous11:25

    I can easily see Niš having more than 200.000 passengers next year.

    1. Anonymous11:49

      Kako majke ti?

    2. Anonymous11:58

      Ryan 4 routes x 30.000pax
      Wizz 3 routes x 30.000pax

      And 7 new routes from S017.
      Now you can calculate.

    3. Anonymous14:56

      I also think that 200.000+ passengers next year us a given.
      Just from the routes amounced so far this year it can easily be achieved.

  4. Anonymous11:54

    Šta napraviše ljudi za godinu dana.... Ko je pominjao Niš prošle godine u ovo vreme, a i ako bi ga pomenuo, bolje da nije. Svaka čast...samo napred.

  5. Anonymous12:45

    Will INI be able to service two high density planes simultaneously? It seems to be the case with Ryanair on Sunday mornings.

    1. Anonymous15:13

      Good point. But are you sure there will be two aeroplanes at INI at the same time?

    2. Anonymous16:36

      Yes, both German flights land/depart at the same time on Sunday mornings.

  6. Anonymous14:12

    Hats off to Nis! Bravo!

  7. Great news! I hope Wizz will respond to this expansion. France,Spain and Nordic countries markets are still up for grabs.

  8. Anonymous15:57

    I forgot: Friedrichshafen or Memmingen

  9. Anonymous16:13

    Bravo Srbija !

  10. Anonymous16:50


    1. Anonymous23:07

      Weeze and Eindhiven are very close to each other.

  11. Anonymous17:18

    A slight OT:

    I see Rus Line is mentioned in the comments. So, their Nis operations, are seasonal, year-long, or charters?

    Anyway, great news for INI. This way, they can attract some pax for Macedonia, since FR was supposed to come to SKP first.

  12. Anonymous18:46


    Good job, Nis!

  13. Anonymous09:30

    I hope LYKV terminal building has been mothballed properly. Unless LYKV can get OS and/or TK soon, it's game over.

    This could work, from a schedule point of view, opening up connections to 15 destinations, including transatlantic.

    VIE 10:05 - LYKV 11:20    
    LYKV 11:55 - VIE 13:25 


  14. Anonymous13:58

    Wizz 2 new routes from NIS



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