Vueling plans Dubrovnik winter operations


Spanish low cost carrier Vueling Airlines plans to extend its operations to Dubrovnik throughout the winter season. The airline, which has so far maintained only summer services to the city, will operate two weekly flights from both Rome and Barcelona, according to Dubrovnik Airport. Vueling will compete directly against Croatia Airlines on the Rome service. The Croatian carrier plans to run two weekly flights to the Italian capital next winter season. Previously, it said, "Croatia Airlines has maintained flights between Dubrovnik and Rome for the past ten years without any support and at its own commercial risk. We plan on doing so in the future as well. If reports are true that the city is in talks with another carrier to operate the same route, we can only say we are surprised and disappointed that we haven't been asked to introduce additional flights". Dubrovnik Airport is looking to ease its highly seasonal passenger flow by boosting operations during the winter.


  1. Anonymous15:21

    Vueling should do this with BCN-BEG service too

  2. Anonymous16:21

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  3. Anonymous16:35

    So this winter Croatia to Zagreb, Rome and Frankfurt, Vueling to Rome and Barcelona, British to London and Turkish to Istanbul. Looking forward to the next winter 17/18; once it's started, I expect DBV to double 16/17 flights and numbers then

  4. Anonymous17:16

    It would be cool if VY flew to LJU from BCN and FCO. 2 p/w would be better than nothing (which is now).

  5. Anonymous18:01

    Worst airline ever. Had the misfortune to fly with them, booked on an IB codeshare. Never again.

  6. Anonymous18:51

    Not bad but what about subsidies for FCODBV? Will they have to declare them at some point? Maybe this will be the last push OU needs to cancel the DBV stopovers to Rome from winter onwards.

  7. Anonymous00:01

    OT: Jedno pitanje vezano za letove Vuelinga iz BEG. Naime, trazio sam letove za Malagu za 28. avgust i na sajtu Vuelinga ponudjen je let BEG - AGP via BCN koji polece iz BEG za BCN u 2:10 ujutru. Recite mi da li je ovo neka greska ili stvarno postoje letovi toliko kasno na Beogradskom aerodromu?

    1. Anonymous00:03

      Nije greska. BEG radi 24 sata. Tokom leta ima i cartera koji polecu i u 3 i u 4 ujutru.

    2. Anonymous09:58



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