Air Serbia extends Larnaca into winter


Air Serbia has extended its flights to Larnaca in Cyprus to year-round operations, less than a year after downgrading the service to seasonal. The Serbian carrier will run three weekly flights between Belgrade and Larnaca over the winter months. It faces direct competition from Wizz Air, which maintains the route twice per week on a year-round basis. After years of continuous operations, the airline turned its Larnaca service into summer-only flights in 2015. The 2016/17 winter season begins on October 30. Ticket sales for flights past this date commenced yesterday.


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Ocekivano. Dobra vest.

    1. Slazem se sa Anon 1:43 PM.
      Destinacije kao sto je Varsava, Prag i jos nekoliko aerodrome, dovoljno je svakodnevnog letenje do Beograda sa jednim prevoznikom. U suprotnom nije zdravo za profit I ekonomicnost. Good move. Rodney.

  2. Anonymous18:40

    Linija je definativno profitabilna uz dobre odluke menadzmenta,pozdravljamo odluku


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