Belgrade Airport begins work on de-icing platform


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has begun construction of a 20.500 square metre de-icing platform. Located near the entry-way to runway 12, the platform will be able to handle up to four aircraft at the same time, two of which will be serviced and another two which will be waiting in the queue. Furthermore, the platform will accommodate all necessary de-icing equipment. The de-icing platform will reduce holdover time, speed up aircraft movement and ease congestion at the gates. The project also includes the extension of the taxiways which will lead to and from the platform. Construction is expected to be completed in time for this coming winter season.


  1. Anonymous15:16

    So just one year delay.

    And that is 100% increase of capacity, as before it was 1 plane, no there are 2 of them. No enough, especially in peak time.

    And what about renovation of A6-A10 gates, new C7-C10 gates, self bag disposal, 3rd floor, new bus gates? Now it is almost 2 years delay, and they even did not start, and even have no plane and deadline to start.

    1. O cemu ti pricas? Vidi se da nisi skoro bio na terminal.Dosta se toga unutra uradilo I dalje se radi a deicing platgorma je bila predvidena da se zavrsi za narednu zimsku sezonu I na tome se I radi.

    2. ASL Superfan18:38

      Anon is right, one year delay for deice platform is correct. And late with other construction work.

    3. Anonymous03:12

      Hot line, i was in Belgrade 21 days ago having flight. We are talking about major building that was announced here and in other media and than those planes were not realized and put on stand-by for not defined period.

    4. Izgradnja nove platform jeste znacajna. Ipak bez privatizacije aerodroma nema pravog razvoja te vazdusne luke za buducnost. Malo je ljudi koji to neznaju. Ukljucujuci nekojiko interesnih grupa sa par levicarskih stranki koji bi da ''samoupravljanje'' ostane dok postoji taj aerodrom. Ipak kupac, ili koncesionar doletece na Nikolu Teslu Beograd u 2017 godine. Mozda sam neskroman sa recima?. Medjutim Ovaj aerodrome se vrlo sporo razvija u poredjenju sa ostalim gradovima koji ma gravitira gotovo citavo stanovnistvo drzave. Bar do sada je to slucaj. Sigurno da ce ovaj glavni aerodrome biti uzor. Posle privatizovanja, prirodno. Rodney & Globtrothers✈+

  2. Anonymous20:36

    Not only is Anon 3:16pm correct about the delay, but the author of the article is completely wrong about a number of things.

    The de-icing platform will not decrease the holding positions, neither will it increase the airplane movements on the airport. This is strictly regulated by ICAO regulations and are dealing with stop bars, AFL, visual surveillance or if a lack of this (which is the case with BEG) you need to have technical means covering all this (A-SMGCS, MLAT and ADB-S), of which none is existing at BEG and will take them 2-4 years to install or more actually SMATSA which the body controlling airport movements, if they start tomorrow.

    From the point of increasing the capacity at BEG under LVP (which I guess is part of when the de-icing is being used) the construction of a de-icing platform means nothing, zero and siltch.

    The airport movement under LVP at BEG is max 5/hrs movements and in awesome weather conditions and having a super day the max movements are 25/hrs.

    1. Anonymous17:10

      I cannot see from the picture, but does new position maybe blocking further development of C(7/8/9...) expansion?


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