Belgrade Airport privatisation advances


The Serbian Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure has estimated Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport's current market value at 251 million euros. It comes a week before the state officially signs a contract with the French company Lazard Freres, which will act as an advisor in the privatisation. Lazard will charge 1.27 million euros for its services, and a further 3.22 million if the privatisation is successful. Mott MacDonald, Oric, CMS and KPMG will act as subcontractors for Lazard. The French company will decide whether Belgrade Airport, which is 83.1% state-owned, should be sold or put up for a concession. The advisor has already begun screening the company. However, Belgrade Airport's Executive Director, Raša Ristivojević, said on Monday, "We have held talks with representatives from Lazard and we defined several points concerning the privatisation. It will most likely be a concession or a public-private partnership. We need fresh capital so Belgrade Airport can expand even further".


  1. Anonymous16:02

    Is it 100, 250 or 500 million? It doesn't matter.

    1. Anonymous17:11

      take your pick, next week you can double that figure because it is so arbitrary.

    2. Anonymous17:49

      price is arbitrary. Could be 300m and new owner does nothing, or could be 100m and they invest 200m in infrastructure etc. What do they invest in? New terminal for Air Serbia, how big and when, etc?

  2. JATBEGMEL22:58

    De-icing platform in BEG is under construction. The works are under way between Platform C and Apron B. It should be completed by 01.11.2016.

    TWY B is closed, while TWY A is closed from TWY B to TWY M.


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