Croatia Airlines starts strong to Lisbon


Croatia Airlines, which launched three weekly flights between Zagreb and Lisbon in late May, has seen solid passenger numbers on the route so far. During its first full month of operations, in June, the carrier handled 1.838 passengers according to Portuguese media. The airline operated thirteen flights during the month. Croatia Airlines maintains the service on a seasonal summer basis. The carrier told EX-YU Aviation News last week it will analyse the route's performance and will then decide whether the service will be resumed next summer. However, Croatia Airlines' CEO, Krešimir Kučko, previously said, "Even before we launched our sales and marketing campaign, bookings for our Lisbon flights were above expectations. First results indicate that services could also remain during the winter, making it an annual operation. The load factor is almost on par with our global average of 70%". TAP Portugal maintained year-long flights between the Portuguese and Croatian capitals until March when it suspended the service.


  1. Anonymous13:57

    If there were 13 flights each way in June that's about 70 passengers on each flight which isn't bad.

    1. Anonymous17:39

      Considering route is operated by Fokker 100 equipment

  2. Anonymous14:55

    ' almost on par with our global average of 70%."

    Global. lol

    1. Anonymous16:29

      It's a synonym for overall, general. Nothing funny hear, you intelligent boy.

    2. Anonymous16:52

      No one uses it in that sense. They could have used overall instead. Given that it's OU I don't think they used it in the sense you are implying. ;)

    3. Anonymous15:19

      Another JU fanboy and/or OU hater and Mr. smarty-pants.
      Anon at 4:29 PM is perfectly right.
      There are various meanings for "global", for example this one: "of, relating to, or applying to a whole" (quote from official Webster dictionary).
      And yes, for sure OU meant it this way and not the way you want it to (mis)understand.

  3. Anonymous01:54

    How can it be that strong when the plane is so empty ?


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