Croatia Airlines to handle millionth passenger


Croatia Airlines will handle its millionth passenger of the year tomorrow, July 15, on a flight from Dubrovnik to Zagreb. The occasion will be marked at approximately 13.40 CEST at Zagreb Airport. The millionth traveller will be carried twelve days ahead of last year and three days ahead of 2012 when the airline welcomed a record number of passengers. During the first half of the year, Croatia Airlines saw its passenger numbers improve 2% compared to the same period in 2015.


  1. Danijel11:33

    Its earlier then last year, so not bad.

  2. Damn! I'm flying Split Zagreb tomorrow!!

    Close but no cigar!!

  3. Anonymous19:56

    The above picture must surely have been taken of supporters on their way to the Euro's rather than on their way back ....


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