Dubrovnik Airport to handle millionth passenger


Dubrovnik Airport will handle its millionth passenger for the year tomorrow morning. The traveller is expected to arrive on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul. The Turkish carrier launched services to Dubrovnik earlier this year. The result will be achieved almost two weeks ahead of 2015, when the millionth passenger was handled on August 7. Dubrovnik Airport registered 676.707 travellers during the first half of the year, an increase of 15.2% on 2015. On July 14, it saw its busiest 24 hours on record when it welcomed almost 18.000 passengers through its doors.


  1. Anonymous15:10

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous19:53

    does it mean Dubrovnik will overtake Split this year?

    1. It will be close, but I don't think they will overtake Split yet


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