easyJet brings forward Pristina launch


Budget airline easyJet will bring forward the launch of its new service from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Pristina by a month. The two weekly service, which was originally to commence on November 2, will now start on October 1. Initially, flights will run once per week, each Saturday, during October and will increase to two per week in November. Paris will mark easyJet's fourth destination out of Pristina, complementing existing flights to Berlin, Basel and Geneva. Further flight details can be found here.


  1. Nemjee11:44

    Interesting move by easyJet. As Wizz Air and Ryanair fight each other all around eastern Europe and the Balkans, easyJet is adding flights to an airport that is being overlooked. By the time W6 and FR decide to launch PRN flights, U2 will already have a strong presence and brand-awareness.

    1. Anonymous15:32

      What you said, might be true for FR, but not for W6. W6 already has a base in SKP, and if it opens a base in PRN it will interfere with SKP. I think W6 will only start a few routes from PRN, like Budapest, since subsidies will be involved.

    2. Nemjee17:35

      Yeah but I still think they could make the two work as each has its own catchment area. That said, given W6's expansion in nearby INI, I highly doubt they would consider PRN.

      FR on the other hand might do it given that they are not flying to SKP.

  2. Vueling might be the next LCC in this region


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