EX-YU warplanes escort El Al jet after scare


Croatian and Serbian air force jets were scrambled to escort an El Al Israeli passenger plane en route from New York to Tel Aviv due to a bomb alert this morning. The Boeing 747 later landed safely, on schedule, in Tel Aviv. Military aircraft in both Croatia and Serbia established visual contact with the pilot, as it flew through their countries. Previously the air force in both Switzerland and Italy did the same. The Israeli Foreign Ministry said US aviation authorities had received an "anonymous tip about a bomb inside an airplane kitchenette". The Americans updated European authorities as the plane crossed the continent, with Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Serbia scrambling fighter jets to escort the plane. "An examination showed the plane was 'clean' and it continued its journey as usual", the ministry said.


  1. Anonymous16:21

    NATO fighters broke the sound barrier in Dolenjska region of Slovenia,two loud bangs

  2. Anonymous18:58

    Could someone explain this procedure? Like what is the point of establishing visual contact with pilot?

    1. To confirm that the pilot isn't under duress.


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