Montenegro Airlines leases Air Serbia B737


Montenegro Airlines has arranged for a short-term wet-lease of an Air Serbia Boeing 737-300 aircraft. The aircraft, registered YU-ANJ, operated its first flight for the Montenegrin carrier on Saturday, July 16 and should continue operating for the airline until this Thursday. The 29 year-old B737-300 is acting as a replacement for one of Montenegro Airlines' Fokker 100s, registered 40-AOM, which is having its engines replaced at the KLM UK Engineering maintenance facility in Norwich.


  1. I hope this lease is paid in advance. Otherwise ASL would be forced to go to the end of a very long queue of Montenegro creditors.

  2. Payment will probably be settled through IATA Clearing House, so no need to worry about it.

    1. What that means?
      Thanks for explaining it.

    2. It means there won't be any money transfer, but JU will keep the money owed to YM for selling space on their flights.

  3. What is the sense of this wet-lease ? Today ANJ has been parked at TGD from 9:30 and YM160 TGD-FRA is late three and a half hours at the moment (14:25).


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