Niš Airport records strong growth


Niš Constantine the Great Airport welcomed 32.261 passengers during the first half of the year which is just under the 36.258 travellers handled over the whole of 2015. The airport estimates it will surpass the 100.000 passenger mark by the end of the year. The greatest share of travellers using Niš Airport are Serbs working and living abroad, followed by tourists and businesspeople. "Among tourists, there are Serbs visiting Sweden and Switzerland, while some tour operators also organise visits from Sweden to Niš", Niš Airport spokeswoman, Ivanka Stanisavljević, says. She adds that over the past few months there has been an increase in the number of travellers from neighbouring Bulgaria and Macedonia using the airport. Both Wizz Air and Ryanair will introduce new flights to the city this summer and next winter.


  1. Preci ce 100.000 hiljada.

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  3. Niš Costantine the Great airport welcomed passengers arriving from Skoplje Alexander the Great airport and transit passengers from Istanbul Kemal Atatürk airport😀

  4. Anonymous14:46

    Niš's incredible growth is bad news for BEG.

    1. Who cares about BEG, they service whole northern Serbia, and a large part of central Serbia. Southern Serbia also needs an airport. Belgrade need also to reduce flighst litle bit. They have many new routes but small airport. Congrats Niš! Greetings to you who wrote this comment. :)

    2. Anonymous16:22

      BEG used to had a monopoly on the whole of Serbia.
      Now it has a fast growing low-cost airport in the south to compete with for Serbian, Macedonian, Kosovo and even Bulgarian passengers.
      That is significant.
      It also means bigger competition for Air Serbia.


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