Skopje among busiest routes out of Malmo


Skopje has retained its position as one of the most popular destinations operated out of Malmo Airport in Sweden. During the first half of the year, the Macedonian capital was the airport's fourth busiest route, preceded only by London, Porto and Dublin but ahead of Moscow. Furthermore, Skopje was the busiest destination in the former Yugoslavia served from Sweden's third largest city, ahead of Belgrade, Tuzla and Niš. All flights between Malmo and the former Yugoslavia are operated by Wizz Air. In 2015, the low cost airline handled 88.773 passengers between Malmo and Skopje, up 30.5% compared to the year before. As a result, it was the third busiest destination from the Swedish city. Belgrade was the sixth busiest with 59.224 travellers, up 2.7% on 2014, and Tuzla was eleventh with 37.341 passengers, an increase of 21.4% on the year before. Malmo Airport's General Manager, Ralf Schmid, says, "Our main growth comes from Eastern Europe. Wizz Air is a powerful partner there. The growth potential in Eastern Europe at the moment is far greater than in the West".


  1. Anonymous18:11

    My guess is that BEG would be higher if it didn't have daily flights from CPH.

    1. Anonymous18:13

      Yep and direct flight to Niš also probably took away some passengers.

    2. Anonymous19:46

      Oh yes, no doubt about that. Then again, Nis might have taken some SKP pax as well.


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