Skopje sees demand for US flights


New York was one of the top unserved destinations from Skopje Alexander the Great Airport in 2015. Some 7.500 passengers flew between the Macedonian capital and New York's JFK and Newark Liberty airports last year. The majority of passengers connected through Istanbul with Turkish Airlines to reach the United State's largest city. New York was only preceded by Frankfurt am Main Airport, which was the most popular unserved destination from Skopje. Wizz Air operates flights to Frankfurt's Hahn Airport, however, no carrier currently maintains services to the city's main airport from the Macedonian capital. Some 8.000 passengers flew between the two according to "Anna aero", with the majority connecting through Vienna with Austrian Airlines. Earlier this year it was reported that New York was also the top unserved destination from Pristina Airport, with some 13.000 travellers flying from the city to the Big Apple (JFK and Newark) in 2015.


  1. Oh irony stop killing me -.-

  2. Anonymous14:29

    7000 per year? Nothing. that is just 19 passengers per day, or 134 per week. Not enough even for one flight per week.

  3. Anonymous15:19

    it can be connected by WIZZAir (included staat aid from MK). They just have to buy or lease a A321LR...

  4. Anonymous15:47

    "New York was one of the top unserved destinations from Skopje Alexander the Great Airport in 2015."

    "New York was only preceded by Frankfurt am Main Airport"

    The solution is obvious - try to get Lufthansa to start SKP-FRA, thus solving the top unserved dest. and boosting options for NYC. Skopje should really focus on getting direct flights to CDG, LHR and AMS too.

  5. Anonymous16:30

    Christ alive, I wonder who puts up these statements that are supposed to indicate some fake "possibility of direct flights". NYC is the top unserved destination for 95% of the world's airports which still does not mean these airports will ever see any direct flights there.

    Jeez, what's next? A statement from TGD saying NYC is their top unserved destination with as many as 1000 passengers flying there in 2015?

  6. Anonymous17:34

    Not a single carrier will consider a direct North America - Skopje route due to mainly diaspora seasonal travel and a lack of cargo which combined will always be in the red in terms of profits. However, I do believe some seasonal service to the larger European airports (ie. AMS, CDG, FRA, MUC) could prove successful. Perhaps start out like KL did with ZAG and see where it goes from there.

  7. Anonymous17:49

    WOW silly haters gonna hate .....

    these numbers are taken from todays article

    This article has nothing to do with any local made statement (only in your fantasy).

    again haters gonna hate. Internet was invented for you poor souls. Go back on the field please!

    1. Anonymous18:01

      It says in the article above that it is data from anna aero and neithet does it say that anyone has made a statement.

  8. Anonymous18:56

    Videla žaba da potkivaju konje...

    1. Zaba19:01

      Read the article again and come back

    2. Anonymous19:42

      Although this 'žaba' being a star performer, huh?

  9. Anonymous20:53

    Go MAKEDONIA! I can also see Americans emigrating to SKP very soon! MKD is the fastest growing economy in Europe and has great nature!!!

    1. Anonymous21:58

      It seems that you are, with all due respect, in an urgent need of psychiatric help.

      There are two psychiatric hospitals in Macedonia: Bardovci and Demir Hisar, that could actually treat you well.

      I suppose your are "essential employee" who has recently moved in Skopje, after selling your land, so I would gladly recommend Bardovci. It shall be really nice if you go there with your "Great Leader", before his long vacation in the correctional facility.

      Fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

    2. Anonymous22:34

      @AnonymousJuly 12, 2016 at 9:58 PM - if you don't live in Macedonia, you won't catch the sarcasm.

      If you do live and according to your comment have "provincija-grad" complex, you again fail to see the sarcasm.

      In both cases, you need to take a rest.

    3. Anonymous02:02

      Maybe is sarcasm. Who knows.

      Unfortunately, I can't take a rest.

      It's not a complex, it's a aversion.

  10. Anonymous21:40

    is ex-yu busy today? or is it oficially troll day today?

  11. Anonymous00:15

    I think you all get it wrong.

    It's only people who traveld to and from SKP. But if you establish direct flights, the catchment area is much higher than 7.000 people. Here you have potential 13.000 people from Pristina and sure some 2.000 from south serbia. So you have a (best case) potential of 22.000 travellers between SKP & NYC. Thats approx. 420 passengers per week, easy filling 2 flights per week. Also if good marketing is done, the passenger numbers could be even higher. I don't understand all the hate for SKP. Thus so far, Macedonias main airport proved every critic wrong.

    1. Anonymous01:58

      You need to take two major things into consideration. First of all, no connecting traffic which limit this number. Second, you act as if all the people flying between these two cities will use this service. If it is even 1/3, that is roughly half of a one weekly flight between the two cities even if all catchment is taken into consideration at high season.

  12. Anonymous08:59

    Why the hell would anyone hate SKP? This word is mainly used by the JU fanatics for everyone criticizing the airline, or BEG. But I never read a critic about SKP so far, except this funny US direct flight story. Please admit it, SKP-US flights are more than a dream for now, and for the next 5 years (minimum). Even Zadar had better chance to receive Chinese charters :)

  13. Anonymous01:27

    Just came back to US from Skp. From what i noticed there was about 50 macedonians in the plane (we were flying from AMS). So i think a CRJ200 with 5 stops is perfect for us :)

    My opinion is that SKP-NYC with 2-3 weekly flights can work only from May to September, but only if it's done by major US airline with good connections (DL, UA, AA) so everybody who travel from/to anywhere in USA to/from Macedonia, Kosovo, south Serbia will be potential passenger.
    Knowing that big airlines won't fly if they don't have 7 weekly flights during the whole year, we can dream about trans-atlantic flights to SKP


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