Wizz Air to launch new Tuzla and Skopje flights

Wizz Air has announced the launch of two new routes from its base in Tuzla and an additional service from Skopje, bringing its total number of new destinations from the former Yugoslavia this year to fourteen. The budget carrier will introduce two weekly flights from Tuzla to Billund and Berlin, starting October 31 and December 17 respectively. As a result, it will now offer a total of ten routes to five countries from Tuzla. Wizz Air launched operations from Bosnia and Herzegovina's third largest city in 2013 and is credited for bringing life back to the once deserted airport. During the first half of the year, Tuzla Airport handled 141.600 passengers, an increase of 46.8% compared to the same period in 2015.

Commenting on the new route launches, Wizz Air's Head of Communications, Tamara Vallois, said,  "We are delighted to be announcing two new attractive destinations from Tuzla. We have brought low fares to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013 and in only a few years Tuzla has become a stable base with already ten attractive low-fare routes available for our Bosnian customers". She added, "Low fare connections to five countries in Europe stimulate the local market by creating more jobs in aviation and hospitality sectors, strengthening business relations between the countries and bringing people the opportunity to discover Europe’s fantastic cities at affordable prices".

On the other hand, Wizz Air will introduce two weekly flights from Skopje to Hanover. It marks the fifth new destination to be launched by the low cost airline from Skopje this year, following Berlin, Bratislava, Copenhagen and Hamburg. Services to Hanover will run each Tuesday and Saturday starting October 31. It has been suggested that the budget airline might base a fourth aircraft in the Macedonian capital later this year. "We are thrilled to be bringing great news to our Macedonian consumers. Wizz Air brought low fares to Macedonia in 2011 and since then has continuously invested in Skopje, currently basing three aircraft in the Macedonian capital. Our two million passenger milestone, which has been just passed earlier this year, also proves the great demand for affordable air travel in the country. The new route to Hanover will offer another outstanding low fare connection to one of the biggest business and culture hubs in Germany while stimulating tourism and hospitality sectors in Macedonia", Ms Vallois said.

Wizz Air has significantly expanded its operations out of the former Yugoslavia this year with new routes from Belgrade, Niš, Podgorica and Split, in addition to Skopje and Tuzla. Furthermore, the airline is expected to launch state-subsidised flights from Budapest to Sarajevo, Pristina, Skopje and Podgorica later this year. Further flight details for the new route launches from Tuzla and Skopje can be found on the links below.

Wizz Air's new routes from EX-YU in 2016

SkopjeBratislava, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Hanover
NišEindhoven, Dortmund, Memmingen
TuzlaBerlin, Billund
PodgoricaBergamo, Memmingen


  1. Anonymous09:03

    wow Wizz Air's expansion in ex-Yu has been huge this year and there will probably be more new destinations this year. A lot of airports should be thankful to them.

  2. Anonymous09:04

    Tuzla-Billund seems a bit odd... Is Billund a diaspora center or something else?

    1. Anonymous09:08

      There are gastrosi in the area but the numbers are not so big... Catchment area consideration perhaps...

    2. Anonymous10:02

      Biggest Bosnian diaspora in Denmark is in the area around Billund actually. Plus there are many Croats who moved there looking for work after joining the EU.

    3. Neka Uvedu A321 U Tuzli.

  3. Anonymous09:08

    What's the rationale behind TGD-Bergamo flights? Are there a lot of tourists using this line or..?

    1. Anonymous09:12

      Quite a few Montenegrins live in Italy. Probably because of that. Doubt they would keep a year long route because of torists.

    2. Anonymous10:27

      * sorry that's meant to say tourists.

  4. Anonymous09:08

    Safe to say Skopje's big growth is guaranteed until the end of the year. To me it looks like they will base an fourth aircraft there. They will increase frequencies to Berlin during the winter as well.

  5. Anonymous09:09

    Would be nice to have Wizz Air fly Belgrade-Berlin!

    1. Anonymous19:46

      Easyjet would be better solution.

    2. Anonymous21:16

      You have Ryanair from Nis

  6. Tranquilis09:12

    Flying under the radar of this particular news post is the unprecedented increase of Skopje-Berlin from two to four weekly in the winter schedule after only being operated for a few months now. What this means is Wizz sees at least a five weekly service for next summer season. I don't have any doubt this route's performance has further confirmed Wizz Air bias for exYu-Germany services and strongly contributed to both TZL-SXF and SKP-HAJ.

    To put it into perspective, this winter Skopje-Berlin will be offering more seats on weekly basis than Belgrade-Berlin.

    All of this without a penny of subsidies.

    Congrats to both Tuzla and Skopje, great news.

    1. Anonymous09:19


    2. Anonymous20:08

      Nothing prevents Wizz from flying into EU airports like Zagreb and Ljubljana. They have more demand than SKP. Lack of subsidies and/or below market airport fee is the only explanation why Wizz does not fly there.

    3. Tranquilis07:35

      I don't see how this is connected to the original comment, but in any case let me respond - there are plenty of other reasons why they choose not to launch flights. In addition, the above argument is invalid, think of SOF, OTP, all other Romanian airports, BUD, etc.. No preferential treatment.

      I know it's easier to delegate the blame to somebody else. Doesn't make it true though. Try again.. not that it matters.

    4. Anonymous02:10

      You didn't mention not one other reason why Wizz does not fly to ZAG/LJU. If there are plenty of reasons, list them. Without them, lack of subsidies and depressed airport fees are only reasons.

  7. Anonymous09:14

    why no new routes from LJU? Milano or Bergamo????

    1. Anonymous09:17

      I think LJU is a bit too expensive for them.

    2. Anonymous12:01

      Once again... MBX sleeps

    3. Anonymous21:28

      Can anyone gives me fees for airport service around ax-yu airport?

  8. Anonymous09:17

    It's good that Wizz is starting to fly from Skopje to more central airports rather than secondary ones. The success of the recent expansion to Berlin and Copenhagen show that people want to fly from main airports.

    1. Anonymous12:46

      The whole country is paying for it. Wizz Air won't be taking the financial hit for serving CPH when it had perfectly full MMX flights.

    2. Anonymous17:27

      well, they did so from SOF too, so the reason is more strategic than financial (subsidies)

    3. Tranquilis07:31

      No subsidies are being paid for CPH, just like for SXF, BTS and HAJ. It's a self-sustaining business now.

  9. Anonymous09:33

    Well done to both. Great news for consumers as well.

  10. Anonymous09:58

    They are filling up SKP now. Wonder what other destinations are left for them to launch from there.

    1. Anonymous10:00

      They'll probably start increasing frequencies.

    2. Anonymous13:02

      No Baden-Baden flights from SKP.

  11. Anonymous10:00

    Oh well, 600.000 people emigrated from Macedonia the last 10 years because of the shi**y undemocratic authoritarian regime (most to Germany). Now you can do the math ;)

    Great news about Hannover! and shame about the other (low cost) airlines for ignoring us

    1. Anonymous10:35

      Какво „шареносписко“ гомненце, добро тоа е во вашиот ген,секаде да плукате што е ваше.

      Мизерии измочани сте!

    2. Anonymous11:36

      @anon 10.35 am

      haha i know the truth hurts. greets from EU

    3. Anonymous12:23

      Хахаха, која вистина пријателе? Онаа што ЕУ се распаѓа или онаа дека еу го зафати таков бирократски бран што има потешкотии со манифестација на демократија и транспарентност. Поздрав. Од МК

    4. Anonymous12:39

      ako nesto se rapagja toa e tvojata drzava. Srkaj voda od dojransko i uzivaj. Heaven on Earth!

    5. Anonymous16:56

      @Anonymous July 20, 2016 at 12:23 PM

      Во право си се што си напишал, ама сето тоа се однесува за Македонија, не за ЕУ. Појма ти немаш што е демократија.

      Вие што го злоупотребувате светото име на ВМРО имате многу интересен начин на критикување, односто тоа што го критикуваат во целост го правите.

      Иди провери дали е во ред гипс картонот, стиропорот, бронзата во Центар и мавни го пред Воинот, коњу еден.

      Уште малце....


    6. Anonymous20:16

      Да да, сега пред малку слушнав и јас дека уште малку - ептен малку ќе ги трпиме таквите „шарени“ кретени-како вас ;)

    7. Anonymous22:32

      Пак ги превртуваш фактите, како што спомнав претходно.

      Не знам што трепите вие,па 10 години не тероризирате со вашите преименувања, гип картони, бароци, споменици, бродови....
      Па што не го смените уставот и ставете го Грујче за доживотен владар како Тито.

      Сега сме шарени кретени, а не предавници и платеници? Така сега во партија ве учат. Па одлучете веќе еднаш што сме. Очигледно, ви потфрла Гебелс.

      Инаку, тоа ти е исто како 10 години да јадеш исто чоколадо, на пример млечно. Нормално е после одредено време да пробаш друго со лешници можеби. Ама одамна заклучивме дека не сте нормални.

      Лесно ви е вас. Убавата книшка железни врати отвара.

    8. Anonymous23:40

      Така е, како кај вас - големите паро - големи нешта прават, ај за шарено да е .

  12. Dejan Milinković10:00

    Sorry for OT, just a small analysis related to yesterdays talk about decline in passenger num. at BEG for June. I have data only for foreign carriers but as their share in the cake is about 50% it could be very indicative.
    Comparing to June 2015 (second half), these are changes in num. of flights per week:
    -2 Air Cairo (A320)
    -1 BoraJet (E190)
    -2 Corendon Airlines (B737-800)
    +1,5 Elinair (B737-300)
    +1 FlyDubai (B737-800)
    -1 Lufthansa (E195)
    +1,5 Qatar Airways, 4 vs 5 x 0,5 (A320)
    -2 Swiss (A320)
    +2 Tarom (ATR42)
    -2 Tunisair (A320)
    -6 AnadoluJet (B737-800)
    +1 Ural Airlines (A319)
    +1 Wizzair (A320)
    In conlusion, capacities on cheduled flights are prettiy much the same but there are a great reductions in capacities on charter flights, especially for Turkey. I am not saying that trend is not a little bit worrisome in last 12 months and of course, it should be analized. But to say that decline in June has nothing to do with charter traffic is pretty shortsighted, to put it mildly.


    1. Anonymous10:13

      When it comes to Lufthansa, it would be interesting to see what number of seats they offer. The night flight from FRA is mostly on the A321 while the earlier flight from MUC is either on an A319 or A320.

      Seems like LH has reduced frequencies but increased the size of the aircraft.

      That said, JU had to abandon their dumping policies and now they are faicng increased pressure to capture the local market.

    2. Thank you Dejan, this is exactly what I asked in yesterday's conversation. Roughly saying we have monthy more than 30 flights less than last year that surely affects BEG number.

    3. Anonymous02:26

      And still we had much more than 50 new flights of Air Serbia and other companies.

  13. Anonymous10:07

    Why no Zagreb?

    1. Anonymous10:15

      Well they have always said that Croatia is too expensive for them. Not sure how true that is. They used to fly from ZAG years ago.

    2. Anonymous10:19

      ZAG might have been expensive for them. Easy Jet also left ZAG despite good loads.

  14. Anonymous10:26

    Would love to know what are Wizz Air's best performing destination from each ex-Yu country.

    1. Anonymous13:47

      From SKP I would guess it is Malmo since at one point they flew there daily.

  15. Anonymous10:48

    OT: 1st Austrian 777-200 @ DBV today !!

    1. Anonymous13:38

      no, it was a mistake filed in flightradar, A321 is operating.

  16. Anonymous11:02

    Great news. Hope Ryanair responds :D

    1. Anonymous11:04

      Time is definitely running out for them in SKP. There will be no destinations left.

    2. Anonymous11:39

      very much doubt it. They gave up

    3. Anonymous12:16

      They are going to SOF and OTP with a lot of common destinations with Wizz. SKP is just a matter of time.

  17. Anonymous11:29

    Bravo BiH!

    Jos kad bi Wizz Air naprimjer imao 14 destinacija iz Tuzle umjesto devet (Skavsta se ukida) onda bi Tuzla mogla preci Sarajevo mozda. Dok Sarajevo sica Sharjah i Kairo Tuzla je sve bolje povezana sa zapadnom Evropom.
    Zelim vas upitati, Sarajevo tvrdoglavo insistira zatvarati aerodrom u 22 sata, ali bili Tuzla mogla raditi naprimjer preko noci recimo dva-tri dana sedmicno sezonski? Mislim kad bi Czech Airlines mogli uvesti let Prag-Tuzla i kad bi se obezbjedio autobus prevoz za one putnike koji idu za Sarajevo.
    Ne samo cesi, nego inace kompanije koje bi letile za Sarajevo ali nocnim letom. Kad bi Tuzla mogla biti alternativa, tu bi Tuzla mogla biti trn u oku Sarajeva i oteti njima kojeg putnika.
    I dalje me cudi kad gledam bivsu Jugoslaviju i glavne gradove. Beograd, Zagreb, Skopje, Pristina svi rade i preko noci i svi se u tom smislu mogu zvati svjetski aerodromi. Dal i Podgorica i Ljubljana rade toku noci? Zamisli naprimjer da neki avion se nalazi u BiH zracnom prostoru u po noci i hitno mora sletiti, a svi aerodromi zatvoreni! Dok pilot intenzivno mora sletiti, sarajlije gledaju Ligu Prvaka u fudbalu kod kuce ili peru zube.

  18. Anonymous13:31

    Tuzla ne može biti konkurencija Sarajevu u tom pogledu, sa 3h vožnje autobusom nakon letova. Ljudi će se voziti toliko za karte koje su 5x jeftinije, za niskotarifne prevoznike bez transfera. Za vezane karte, za putovanja koja traju 20+h sa presjedanjima, zadnja stvar koju neko želi je da sleti u gluho doba noći i da se pati 3h autobusom.
    Sarajevo je ipak glavni i najveći grad. Ljudi (koji putuju sa daljih destinacija) neće za slične pare ili male razlike izabrati dolazak koji uključuje još 3h autobusom.
    Tuzla je super za low-cost, i možda par redovnih linija za Beč, Istanbul, ili tako nesto. Ne vjerujem da ikad ima šanse da ima najviše putnika u BiH.

  19. Anonymous14:40


    Serbian media are reporting that YM has experienced solid bookings on flights operated by YU-ANJ. They said that the deal could be possible extended... I guess until the end of the summer season.

    1. Anonymous15:58

      They should give them a Fokker/Embraer in winter so they don't discontinue LED/KBP.

    2. Anonymous03:28

      Why give them the aircraft? Leasr it to make money.

  20. Nemjee21:14

    OT but these are some really, really nice news. Congrats to INI!


  21. Anonymous14:43

    Does this mean there will be no Sarajevo this year after all?


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