BTA wins Zagreb terminal contract


Turkey's BTA, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, has won a contract to run cafés, bars, restaurants and snack bars inside Zagreb Airport's new passenger terminal over the next thirteen years. Furthermore, the company will provide in-flight catering for airlines operating to and from Zagreb Airport, including Croatia Airlines. “General services will be provided in a total of sixteen points at the airport in 2017. In-flight catering will be offered to Croatia’s flag carrier - Croatia Airlines”, BTA said in a statement. Zagreb Airport's new passenger terminal is set to open in March next year. Retail brands that will move into the new facility include Brew Mark, Cakes & Bakes (a Turkish fast food chain) and Need to Stop. TAV holds a 15% stake in the consortium running Zagreb Airport.


  1. Anonymous11:41

    Could we expect better catering in OU then?

  2. Anonymous12:20

    Cakes & Bakes, oh my Goodness, Turkish intelligence...

  3. Anonymous13:46

    Yesss we will have balkava onboard

  4. Anonymous20:10

    Having flown out of Tbilisi where BTA runs restaurants, catering etc, I can say it is horrific.

    BTW, Turkish doe not use BTA but rather DOCOmo and they are excellent.


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