Croatia cancels call for new airport managers


The Croatian Ministry for Sea, Transport and Infrastructure has annulled all tendering procedures for the selection of new management teams at the country's airports. The Croatian State Management Office began the selection process on July 27, only for the ministry to announce its termination two days later. New General Managers were to be selected for the airports in Dubrovnik, Split, Osijek, Rijeka, Zadar and Pula, as well as the Croatian Civil Aviation Agency. No explanation has been given for the ministry's move. Croatia will hold snap parliamentary elections next month, and the selection process is likely to be undertaken by a new government.


  1. Anonymous13:51

    What a mess.

  2. Anonymous14:17

    So than means that current management of Croatia Airlines stays until new government has been created, all this time waiting for a capable management to run this airline. Just unbelieveble.

    1. Anonymous17:03

      Unfortunately yes!

    2. Anonymous22:49

      Nisam znao kako CA spada pod kategoriju aerodroma


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