EX-YU crew on board Emirates crash flight


An Emirates flight from India that crash-landed at Dubai Airport this afternoon was carrying two crew members from the former Yugoslavia, the airline has confirmed. All 275 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 777 aircraft were evacuated safely and no injuries were reported. One of the crew members was Croatian, while another Bosnian. All departures from Dubai Airport have been delayed until further notice, the Dubai authorities said, adding that the emergency services were dealing with the situation. Images posted online show thick black smoke coming from the plane. following an explosion which occurred after the aircraft landed with its landing gear retracted. The flight was arriving from Trivandrum in India.


  1. Aэrologic20:11

    It is Thiruvanathapuram, not Trivandrum, which is the airport.

    1. Anonymous08:36

      And in this situation this comment is very important!

    2. Aэrologic10:45

      What situation?

    3. If you knew anything about the world, you'd know it's the same thing. Just like Bombay and Mumbai mean the same thing. And is the case with Podgorica/Titograd. Go read a book.

    4. Aэrologic13:43

      Indians wouldn't agree with you.

  2. Anonymous06:35

    "One of the crew members was Croatian, while another Bosnian."

    Are their names and hometowns known yet?


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