Adria considering Kukes flights


Adria Airways is considering operating flights from Kukes in north-eastern Albania, close to Kosovo, according to the Albanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. It comes after Albania's government and the operator of Tirana Airport decided to scrap an exclusivity clause, which prohibited airlines from flying anywhere else in the country other than Tirana. The Director of Projects and PPP's at the Albanian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Krislen Keri, said that Adria, Wizz Air and Ryanair have all shown interest in flying to Kukes. Once the Tirana exclusivity clause is dropped, Kukes Airport hopes to handle 150.000 passengers during its first year and grow by 10% each year until 2025. Adria Airways operates flights from Tirana to Ljubljana, Munich and Frankfurt but suspended services from the Albanian capital to Paris and Brussels earlier this year.


  1. Anonymous16:51

    How the hell is Adria supposed to compete with Ryan and Wizz?! Are the new owners mad?

  2. Anonymous19:23

    Better go to INI

  3. Anonymous20:42

    I don't see this working for Adria. Prishtina & and Tirana are only about 100 km away. And Kukës has only about 50-60,000 population. To small to sustain regular flights.

    1. Anonymous07:42

      Even if they do try it, the operation will be discontinued as soon as the subsidies run out. Same thing as with Olsztyn.

      It's amazing how the new owners have no long term solution for Adria. The only thing they were able to do so far, was secure some short term deals.

    2. Anonymous08:16

      From most Slovenian media reports, Adria is still making a loss and the new owners have no ideas, just milking it as long as it will go

    3. Anonymous08:57

      Exactly. Last year, the loss amounted to approx. 9.6 million eur. Rumours are, this year the loss is already 9 million. However, the new CEO is very proud of himself for introducing a new ticket fare and giving the passengers free glass of water. That should be enough to save to company. Go figure.

    4. It is amaysing, small state as Albania have three commercial airports. Tirana, Kukes and near south city of Sarandra. Albania developing airports for the future. Tourism will grooving faster with this airports. On top all, near city and towns, such as Prizren, Djakovica, Peskopeja, Rozaje, Gusinje, Plav, Andrijevica... is potencial for Kukes airport. As long as LCC star to fly to cities in demand to potencial passengers. Contrary to neighbouring Serbia which lagging beyond to keep all for airports in commercial service. obviously two million people in central Serbia have less opportunity to employing LCC airlines than Albanian Kukes town wit potencial 200.000 potencial customers from seven city's and towns I have mentioned before. Anyway, Morava and Ponikve will be part of secondary airports in south Europian aviation netvork. Rodney+✈


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