Air Serbia ends CRJ900 operations today


Air Serbia will end its wet-lease of an Adria Airways Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft today, which has been operating on the airline’s behalf since mid-June. The five-year old jet, registered S5-AAV and nicknamed Vesna, was used to launch new seasonal flights from Belgrade to Kiev and Hamburg and was also deployed on some of the carrier’s services to Sofia. As a result, the airline will operate its last flight to Kiev this afternoon, while Hamburg has been upgraded into a year-round service and will be maintained with an Airbus A319 aircraft instead. Adria’s CRJ900, which was on lease to City Jet prior to its delivery to Air Serbia, is expected to return to Ljubljana. Adria is believed to be negotiating the aircraft’s lease to another carrier for the upcoming 2016/17 winter season, which begins on October 30.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX14:11

    Damn Adria leasing old CR7 and renting out their newest CR9s. AAV and AAU are their best horses

  2. Anonymous14:23

    The new airline is rumored to be OU.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX20:16

    Yep rumours around that Dash going to JP and some CR9 to OU

  4. Aэrologic23:39

  5. ASL needs regional jets ASAP.

    CRJs aren't the best option unless they can get them cheaper or faster than the other options. CRJs don't have the cargo capacity, comfort, or performance of the Embraers or Sukhois.


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