Croatia Airlines to suspend two routes

Croatia Airlines will discontinue two routes this winter season in order to boost frequencies and vacate aircraft for more popular destinations. As previously reported, the Croatian carrier will suspend services between Zagreb and Pristina, but will also terminate operations between Dubrovnik and Rome after more than a decade. Flights between the two cities operated twice per week last winter season and originated in Zagreb. They will now be shifted to run via Split. Earlier this year, local authorities in Dubrovnik said low cost airline Vueling would launch flights from the Italian capital. This drew sharp criticism from Croatia Airlines which said, "Croatia Airlines has maintained flights between Dubrovnik and Rome for the past ten years without any support and at its own commercial risk. We plan on doing so in the future as well. If reports are true that the city is in talks with another carrier to operate the same route, we can only say we are surprised and disappointed that we haven't been approached to introduce additional flights". Vueling is yet to schedule the service between Rome and Dubrovnik for this winter season, which begins October 30. Air Canada codeshares on Croatia Airlines' flights between the two cities. On the other hand, Qatar Airways recently placed its codes and flight numbers onto Vueling's Rome - Dubrovnik service.

In a statement, Croatia Airlines said, "These two routes are being suspended in order to leave room for the introduction of additional frequencies and to optimise our winter route network so as to improve our overall product". The company will compensate its Rome suspension by extending its seasonal service from Dubrovnik to Frankfurt into the winter months. Furthermore, the carrier will add one additional weekly frequency between Zagreb and Copenhagen, and two extra rotations from Split to Munich for a total of six weekly flights. The changes come in the lead-up to the 2017 summer season, which should see significant changes in the airline's operations. According to its management, the company will bring in new regional aircraft and open several bases across southeastern Europe.

During the January - August period, Croatia Airlines saw its passenger numbers improve 4% compared to last year, which has been fuelled by the introduction of several new seasonal flights from Zagreb. "This year's passenger record comes as a result of positive trends in our business, as well as the growth of our destination network. In June we launched flights from Zagreb to Lisbon, Milan, Prague and St Petersburg, which we did not serve beforehand", the airline's CEO, Krešimir Kučko, said recently. He added, "By the end of the year, we expect to see our passenger numbers grow 6% to 1.97 million".


  1. Anonymous09:02

    wow really unexpected about DBV-FCO. Seems to me Dubrovnik will be left without Rome flights in the end. Vueling does not seem to be starting these flights.

    1. Anonymous09:15

      What a shame, I traveled to Rome in March (from Dubrovnik) and the flight was full. Still, I think Zagreb should have a direct flight to Rome.

  2. Anonymous09:06

    With the recent elections in Croatia and again win by HDZ it looks as if Kucko's days at the company are coming to an end (Kucko is after all Milanovic's childhood friend) so I am wondering whether OU will pursue the same strategy with this Adria-like expansion next year under a new management. At the same time it is sad to see two decade long routes suspended for an extra flight to Copenhagen.

    1. Anonymous09:14

      DBV-FRA is probably more profitable than DBV-FCO. That's why one will start and the other will be suspended.

    2. Anonymous09:19

      If that were true they would not have suspended Frankfurt during the winter several years ago and kept Rome.

    3. Anonymous09:25

      Lufthansa has your back on the Frankfurt route.

    4. Anonymous09:29

      Lufthansa cares very little for its children. Look at Adria.

    5. Anonymous10:18

      True that, Lufthansa is more like a stepmother, the one that cares only about herself.

  3. Anonymous09:10

    It is amazing to me that Zagreb does not have nonstop flights to Rome. They have been going via Dubrovnik and Split for as far as I can remember.

  4. Anonymous09:13


    Monarch Airlines in summer 2017 season is introducing a number of new service, including flights to Porto, Stockholm and Zagreb. These service will be operated by a mix of Airbus A320/321 aircraft.

    LGW–ZAG 1-3-5-- (eff 28APR17)
    MAN–ZAG 1----6- (eff 29APR17)

    1. Purger09:23

      That is 5 weekly LCC flights to 2 destinations in UK. Very good news for Zagreb, not so good for Croatia Airlines and British Airways.

      That would make Manchester to connect to Zagreb for first time in history.

      From April we will have London served with 19 times weekly by 3 carriers (Croatia 9x weekly, British 7x weekly and Monarch 3x weekly). ... es-in-s17/

      Monarch is in talks with easyJet to buy them and in media one can read it is "finished deal" and question of time. So it can happen that on this way easyJet will come to Zagreb again.

    2. Anonymous09:53

      I think it will not affect a lot OU and BA. London is big market, there is enough space for more than 3 daily flights.

    3. Purger10:08

      British for sure not, but Croatia for sure will!

      For more than several times Kučko present idea to stop LHR flights and sell LHR slots. Of course we know that it is just excuse to sell those expensive slots and to bring some more quick money to make CTN "profitable" at the end of the year, but that also means this route is not super-profitable. For sure it will bring even less money with LCC to open London flights, and would help even more on this med idea to sell LHR slots.

    4. Anonymous10:09

      Zagreb airport new terminal video (RTL Croatia news)

    5. Anonymous14:39

      @PurgerSeptember 13, 2016 at 9:23 AM

      Rubbish, EasyJet flew out of Gatwick and it was very competitive in terms of pricing, however BA and OU fly out of Heathrow, this is how I see it.

      An underground travel card is $9 or $6 to Heathrow out of anywhere in central London.

      $38-40 for train ride to Gatwick with Gatwick Express out of Victoria.

      So Monarch better offer $100 per ticket or less, cause that won't beat OU's $150.

      BA will have pax on the route no matter what cause they're BA, they can charge $550 on way and they'll have their planes full. People are so gullible to spend money cause of brand and name recognition. Not many from ex-YO will fly with BA, but that's totally irrelevant here.

    6. Purger16:09

      Of course you do know that you don't need to use expensive Gatwick Express. Instead you can use

      Southern Train to Victoria via East Croydon and Clapham Junction with a journey time to Victoria of around 35 minute (just some 10 minutes more than Gatwick express)

      or Thameslink & Great Northern Train to London Bridge, St Pancras International and Luton Airport, also some 30 minutes to London.

      Those two cheap trains runs every 5-10 minutes. And you will spent some 9-12 EUR per direction.

      Also you can use easyBus to Earl Court or Victoria, ride is 1 hour, leaves every 15 minutes and price is 6-8 EUR.

      I am in London several times per year, and never use Gatwick express just for 5-10 minutes faster link to London and 3 times more money.

      I agree about British, I also mention that in my comment. OU never fly to London for 150 EUR, maybe once per year action in total out of season period. Regular price is 250 EUR.

    7. Anonymous19:42

      ZAG-LHR with OU is around 1500 HRK, return ticket. If you buy around 1 month before travel, source skyscanner. That is very good price.

    8. Purger19:58

      And that is if you buy it month in advance in low season. It high sesaon two week in advance there is now way that you will buy it for less than 300 EUR. Trust me I fly that route so many times. And basicly not too many passengers can plan flight month in advance.

      I just payed LHR on beginig of November for 235 EUR, the best option. And it was AF via CDG. BA and OU were more expensive. That was one and half months in advance lowest season.

  5. Anonymous09:15

    So while one airline is expanding in the region, the other is withdrawing and suspending routes...

    1. Anonymous09:47

      of course when Abu Dhabi is paying for it

    2. Anonymous10:03


      @Anonymous 9:47

    3. Anonymous10:10

      Not Abu Dhabi, they pay nothing!!! Not even same amount of investment as republic of Serbia as in last 3 years Serbia subvent and invest (directly and via airport) 153 million EUR.

      So, it is payed by Serbian tax payers, not Abu Dhabi!

    4. I dont know why all of you are so upset with ASL.Airline is expanding and deal with it,dont be that mean,are you from Serbia?
      OFC you are not and you talk something about it?And if we are going to talk like that Croatia A. was kept in life for years with taxpayers money,and airline is on edge of you now what..
      P.S News next summer season:Croatia ends LHR service,Monarch goes daily.
      Bye from Serbian taxpayer :)

    5. Anonymous10:36

      What surprises me is that of all the places, Croatia cancels the flights to its future secondary hub. Strange.

    6. There's those tax payers again... If you're not happy about where your taxes are going then you have 2 choices
      1 actually go and vote in your election and drive these tax payers to actually vote
      2 leave the country and go to one where there is no tax
      If there's one thing that residents of the vast majority of the world know it's that you can't run away from death or taxes!

      Surprising tho that OU didn't realise after 10 years of operating this route that they should have increased capacity.

    7. Anonymous13:23

      Croatia Airlines did not get amount of money from Government in 15 years what Air Serbia gets in last 2 years (115 million EUR).

      Concerning to that Air Serbia project is not so successful as with this huge support (investment + subvention) they are just 30% bigger than Croatia which for last 5 years did not get any support at all.

    8. Anonymous14:20

      Well guess whoo and Alex popov maybe after all those years you get used of being suckers and pay part from your taxes for some politicians experiments, maybe you like it, well personally I don't !!

    9. Anonymous14:46

      @Alex PopovSeptember 13, 2016 at 10:49 AM

      Very rotten attitude, if elections in Serbia were that simple and straight forward.

    10. Anonymous19:45

      What do you mean ? You had elections - when was it, in April ? Which wasn't that long ago and from what i can see today, the incumbent party won an overwhelming majority of votes and were elected for another 4 years. So if there was such mass hysteria about the etihad deal and people were so unhappy about the state of affairs, amongst other things, then they would've lost - which they didn't.

      So as much as you feel Alex Popov is wrong, sorry to say, he is absolutely right.

      So give it a rest and get on with life and wait your turn for the next election to express your dissatisfaction as an aggrieved taxpayer

    11. Anonymous21:14

      Well, the fact that DJB got over 6% and entered the parliament shows that there is a growing dissatisfaction with the way things are run in the country, including JU.

    12. Anonymous21:29

      Growing dissatisfaction will be evident when they cross the magic 51% threshold. 6% is hardly a ripple in the water. You can nonetheless, continue to bang the drum loud enough on this forum and continue to bore the heck out of us

    13. Anonymous01:49

      SNS got 48% so they didn't cross the magic threshold either, if anything more parties have entered the parliament which paints a very different picture from the one you want to present.

  6. Anonymous09:17

    Splite makes much more sense than Dubrovnik. It has a catchment area Dubrovnik lacks.

    1. Anonymous09:20

      Does OU have a plane based in Dubrovnik or Split? Thanks.

    2. Anonymous12:08

      2 planes based in SPU and DBV each

    3. Purger12:56

      Relly no need for that. Too expensive and concerning fact you have 30+ weekly flights from ZAG you can service those routes on two simple way:

      1st plane ZAG-SPU-FRA-ZAG
      2nd plane ZAG-FRA-SPU-ZAG


      CTN use first and second way. So, no need for expensive base:

      - much more expensive maintenance (3 bases instead one),

      - dislocated crew,

      - dedicated plane that you can not combine from/to hub,

      - no choice of plane in SPU/DBV like Q400/A319 but you have to use just those based there (and that should be A319 which which is stupid to fly MUC, VIE, ZRH, ZAG...),

      - winter limitation of working hours in SPU and DBV from 22:00 till 6:00 hours, and summer from 23:00 do 6:00, so no possibility to use those planes for ad hoc or regular routes,

      - just 20.000 passengers in winter so those based planes would be useless...).

  7. Anonymous09:22

    Interesting tantrum there from Croatia Airlines about Rome.

  8. Anonymous09:34

    Does anyone know Croatia Airlines financial performance this year? Will they finish in profit?

    1. Anonymous09:39

      Their losses decreased during the first and second quarter. The real test is the third quarter as that's when the money is actually made.

  9. Anonymous09:43

    Never anything new or out of the box for OU. Why didn't they start Tehran, why not keep LED or Lisbon during the winter....

    1. JATBEGMEL20:08

      Problem with OU is a lack of a hub system at 1 airport, as well as a limited O&D demand. This is why 'out of the box' destinations such as IKA will not work out of ZAG.

      ZAG capacity at this moment doesn't allow for much either.

      LED is seasonal traffic, while I'm not familiar with LIS to comment.

      OU lost a lot of opportunities to do something in ZAG, and now would be harder with a stronger and growing JU. Keep in mind ZAG has more demand for long haul than BEG, yet its BEG who has better long haul connectivity regardless of the amount of intercontinental traffic in ZAG.

  10. Anonymous09:51

    August numbers for
    Ljubljana -8.1%
    Skopje and Ohrid together +2%

    1. Anonymous10:13

      Skopje just 2%. Shock!!!!!

    2. Anonymous10:28

      Skopje peeked but whata run it was!

    3. Anonymous10:40

      Dream is coming to an end.

    4. Anonymous11:04

      PRN modest growth of 4%

      tbh i dont expect a plus for SKP (the +2% could be due to OHD but we will see soon)

    5. Anonymous14:57

      The surprising thing about SKP and OHD is that they had 8℅ more ops and only 2% more pax. Someone was flying empty planes.

    6. Anonymous15:29

      Probably OU and TK.

    7. Anyone have JU loads on SKP flights?

    8. I flew with them (SKP-BEG-ARN) one month ago and the LF from SKP to BEG was around 85% (Airbus A319) and 100% full from BEG to ARN (also Airbus A319)

  11. Anonymous10:27

    Bad news for ou :(

  12. Anonymous10:47

    Propast lagano kuca na vrata...

  13. Anonymous11:05

    Beze na samu pomenu konkurencije. Verovatno je linija jako sezonska i trebali su je uvek imati leti a zimi da lete iz splita.

  14. Anonymous11:14

    Reminds me a lot of Jat Airways which used to suspend every route as soon as they got competition.

    1. Anonymous11:48

      Zato im se i crno pise.

    2. Anonymous11:59

      A propast nikako doći, koliko god je vi najavljivali

    3. Anonymous12:12

      Nije jos propao ni MA iako je to finansijski mrtva kompanija. Ako mislite da se prodajom motora mogu peglati finansijski izvestaji i najavljivati nova serija aviona u kompaniji u isto vreme onda ste strucnjak kao i Purger.

    4. Purger12:59

      Hahahaha... pa tko je ikad rekao da sam ja stručnjak? Ja sigurno nisam! To od mene niste čuli.

      No drago mi je da mogu mnogo naučiti od "stručnjaka" kao što ste vi.

    5. JATBEGMEL20:14

      Jat was bad but not that bad. They did manage to hold onto DUS, LHR, CDG, CPH, all of which had competition at some stage.

      Jat had issues with its fleet that forced them to reduce frequencies and cut destinations. This is where Jat suffered the most. Poor management and decisions just made things worse, and this is the only thing Jat has in common with OU today.

  15. Nemjee11:36

    Wouldn't it make more sense to revise the Rome schedule altogether and have it as:


    It's not like they have a real hub system in ZAG so that they need to take care of connectivity.

    1. Anonymous12:29

      The schedule might make sense. At least it is cheaper to operate non stop flights than those with stopovers.

      But your last sentence is outrageous. OU does not have a hub? Huh? Do you seriously try to say that OU does not have connectivity or a hub in ZAG? Most planes are based there, too. Get real and out of your ASL-only minded way of thinking. I pity people like you. There are loads on this forum, fanboys and Serbian nationalists. I am not croatian, nor do I live there but I hardly see such comments from Non-ASL-fanboys or Non-Serbs. Please think and inform yourself before posting in the future. And now, all the cheerleaders can bring it on and start bashing.

    2. Anonymous12:39

      Kakav hub imaju, za presedanje sa letova po zapadnoj evropi?

    3. Purger12:46

      In top season there is up to 9 FCO flights. All are via SPU and DBV.

      SPU and DBV routes are for tourists. They don't need to have huge frequencies. Anyhow most of passenger on those flights are from ZAG. And there are enough frequencies on ZAG-SPU and ZAG-DBV leg even without those flights to FCO. So, on that way you have double taxes, bigger costs for patrol (one more landing and take off, you spend more time, demotivation for potential passengers to make one more stop, longer flight, have to go out of plane in SPU/DBV, to take luggage on another (far away) belt... Logical time table for summer would be:




      In winter:



      But when I present that to them there was like you speak to wall.

    4. Nemjee13:28

      AnonymousSeptember 13, 2016 at 12:29 PM

      Hahaha did you have a nervous breakdown or something? If you bothered to read more carefully then you will notice that I said they don't have a real hub system where they need to carefully think of the connectivity. That means that relying on O&D is of greater priority for the airline than expanding its own regional network for the purpose of offering more connections.

      Furthermore, do you seriously think OU is more competitive for regional connections than JU and AZ are? Why should someone from SKP fly via ZAG and SPU when they can do it more efficiently by flying directly or with one stop via Belgrade?

      Nothing about nationalism or hate here, just pointing out to a reality. You can read more on it from Purger's post.

    5. Purger14:31

      Unfortunately Nemjee if 100% right. ZAG-SPU/DBV-FCO route is main evidence (but also many more nonsense in CTN time table) that CTN is not dedicated to hub system. Next Tuesday I will writhe about this in Tango 6.

    6. Anonymous23:37

      Disagree. 80% of OU scheduled traffic leaves or arrives in Zagreb. Of course then you can call ZAG a hub clearly.

    7. Anonymous00:38

      That doesn't make it a hub. Clear arrival/departure waves, East/West (and vv.) connections and aggressive marketing towards transfer passengers make an airport a hub. OU is doing that on the side, with no visible focus.

  16. Anonymous13:06

    Croatia Airlines needs more aircraft. A321 maybe?

    1. Purger14:19

      No, too big, no need for those exempt in top season on few routes and charters, but that plane would loose money 10 months per year.

      Croatia needs:

      All A320 fleet (6 planes)
      6 Q400
      6-8 Embraer 195 or CS100 or CRJ900 as temporary solution till CS100

      In case of bigger fleet in future they should by CS300 in combination with CS100(CRJ-900).

    2. Anonymous15:17

      @PurgerSeptember 13, 2016 at 2:19 PM

      I think 4 A320 would do, I'd add 2 A321 LR NEO for London - New York, Toronto flights.

      So my fleet mix would look like this.

      4x A320 NEO - European high yield.
      2x A321 LR NEO - 7500km range
      8x CS 100 - regional, European and low yield
      6x Dash 8 Q400 - domestic and regional.

      A 321s would be configured 158 Economy + 24 First Use on routes to London-New York, Toronto and Paris-New York, also I'd look at Zagreb - Dublin - New York.

      First class tickets would sell out of London or Paris for New York if priced well and competitively @2500-3000 return.

      Literally first class passengers will be paying for entire flight. Economy will generate pure profit, and Zagreb - London - New York - London - Zagreb will be sold out 5 days of the week, or Toronto since Croatian passport holders don't need a visa to go to Canada and soon US too.

    3. Nemjee15:28

      Are you implying OU could compete with AA-BA and their almost hourly service between London and New York?

      Also, why should businessmen consider OU to New York when they have a dedicated BA A318 from LCY?

    4. Let him go even La Compagnie is ending Luton/JFK flight.We have name for people like him dreamer...

    5. Anonymous18:11

      GUESS WHOO I wonder did you see how ANONYMOUS 2 : 20 PM call you ? Very well pointed!

    6. Anonymous19:05

      No new OU routes this winter from Zagreb

    7. Anonymous19:39

      @NemjeeSeptember 13, 2016 at 3:28 PM

      Cause it is cheaper and First class seats are always in demand on busy routes. And why not, why won't be possible to get a first class, KLM, AF, Lufthansa, Iberia, SAS... all of them are doing it out of London.

      BA is just one of 140 airlines that fly out of London ;).

      What I suggested is doable.

      @Guess WhooSeptember 13, 2016 at 4:33 PM

      I am ignoring you, you're a troll and not worth commenting on.

    8. Purger22:56

      A321 LR would be in edge of profitability on long-haul. 1stop makes more costs and for sure would make route total unprofitable.

      And for sure Croatia can not compete British, United, Delta, American and Virgin on that route. It would be suicide.

      I agree that A321LR would be good option for CTN, and I think that ZAG-JFK, ZAG-YYZ and SPU-JFK can be made without stop. But if there must be stop than solution would be ZAG-TLS-JFK (DBV/SPU-TLS-JFK) or ZAG-LYA-JFK (DBV/SPU-LYS-JFK) or ZAG-LUX-JFK (DBV/SPU-LUX-JFK) or ZAG-BOD-JFK (DBV/SPU-BOD-JFK) + same think to YYZ and ORD.

    9. Anonymous00:31

      Mislim da bi bolja opcija bila A330 za 2 ali valovi CTN se ne slazu a takodje neverujem da bi napravili promene tolike da se prilagode plus imaju malo Regionalnih letova .
      Takodje bi A321 LR sa takom malom ekonomskom klasom bio mali problem da se dodje do profita.

    10. I think now it is too late for CTN to do anything about longhaul. The A321 Neo LR isn't a proven solution.

      Croatia airlines would have a very hard time getting their hands on any of them, unless they either convert their existing order or sign a lease from a leasing house (which certainly would be expensive considering how in demand the next gen narrowbodys are).

      There still isn't any real world performance data of the A321LR flying from Central Europe to North America. Theoretically, it is just on the edge of Airbus' claimed performance, but will they manage to deliver in the real world and with what passenger/cargo load? It is still not known and it is risky.

      I doubt CTN could get the A321LR before 2021-2022 (in a perfect world where the management basically acts today). The A321 might be semi-competitive against the current planes flying across the Atlantic, but by the next decade there will be many more new generation planes flying (more 787s, A350s, and 777X). Also CTN's doesn't seem like the company that can make strategic plans half a decade in advance.

      What should have been done is around 2005, when Lufthansa was retiring the A310-300, CTN should have bought 2-3 for the cheapest price possible. The government and whatever national tourism institution should have helped to finance it.

      During the winter, simply park the planes or do charters for other airlines. It wouldn't cost anything.

      During the summer, fly low frequency flights to bring tourists USA, Canada, and even some charters from West Europe.

      The economic benefits would be rather large. Each tourist coming from N. America cannot stay in Croatia without spending at the very least €1000.

    11. @INN-NS Koliko ja vidim onaj tko vas je nazvao nacionalstem je promasio ceo fudbal (jeli se tako kaze na srpskom?). Iz onoga sto sam ja citao, vi ste veci fan OU of curentnog managementa OU haha, pa ono sto vi pricate ima smisla i po mojoj procjeni dajete savjet kako uciniti OU boljom. Eto toliko.
      Pozdrav od Hrvata iz dijaspore! :)

    12. Anonymous03:18

      @Aleksandar StojanovicSeptember 14, 2016 at 2:31 AM

      Reason why I am suggesting A321 is cause it is cheaper option for OU, and with 185~ seats OU can manage to fill the aircraft. Getting A350 is risky and requires careful consideration, can OU fill the plane in Zagreb on daily basis five days a week? I don't think it can.

      So commercially it is smarter to go with smaller aircraft, more fuel efficient. A321 LR NEO has range of 4000 nm, more than sufficient for JFK via London or Paris.

    13. Nemjee08:46

      If anything, Boeing is supposed to roll out a B767 replacement, most likely in the form of a B787 variant. If OU does decide to go long-haul then this might be the best option.

      That said, with Austrian right next door I highly doubt we will see OU flying to the US.

    14. JATBEGMEL10:52

      @ anonymous 3,18am

      smaller doesnt always mean smarter.

      A321 might get you over the Atlantic, but how about ORD? ICN? NRT?

      A330 fits into fleet comunality, and has the range to operate all markets in demand. As I said above, OU should be the one talking on long haul expansion and a growing hub. It has the demand, the growing tourism, the stronger economy, it is a EU menber and Croatians have even visa free access to Canada. OU should linking ZAG with:

      - EWR (UA hub)
      - ORD (UA hub)
      - YYZ (AC hub)
      - ICN (OZ hub)
      - NRT (NH hub)
      - SIN (SQ hub)

      OU could of easily made what JU did in BEG and much quicker, yet didnt. Time is being wasted on planing 4 bases in the region, while its main base is being neglected and slowly taken over by foreign carriers.

  17. Anonymous13:50

    Ovo je sad prava prilika za Vueling da otvori liniju prema FCO. Sa svojim cijenama karata pun pogodak!

  18. Great article by purger on T6:

  19. Anonymous18:13

    Trebao je CTN da se bori sa VY a ne pre toga jos da se preda . Osim ako ce tu liniju zameniti sa FRA.

  20. Personally I find it weird that ZAG doesn't have a non-stop flight to FCO. On the other hand there's finally a line to Milan! Finally. And as a resident of Copenhagen I can only welcome the increased frequency! :)

  21. I wish you guys could forget about flying to Toronto, New York, have a real jewel in this country called Croatia!! 4 million population and international airports in Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula, and Osijek...and still no easy way to go from Zadar to Zagreb, or Split to Dubrovnik or Pula to Zadar..etc...answer all the time I give to my clients is BUS!!! Just look at airlines like Qatar, British, Ryan, etc..etc..all of these whether high cost or low cost carriers fly international routes to Croatian destinations with no possibility of connecting furhter..Do you think that with 14 destinations by RyanAir from and to Zadar..every single person stays in Zadar???Of course not..just look at Zadar bus station and half the people land in Zadar..transit to the bus station and head south to Split and Dubrovnik or north to Istria etc...if Croatian would just think of linking its 6 airports daily with normal frequencies using Q-400 aircraft, it would make a fortune..but no..lets keep the bus companies happy I guess!! A good inland system, combined with a prominent European system..Frankfurt, Munich, Brusells, Paris, etc..would be a no brainer..but heck who am I to say!!!


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