Eurowings to launch new Croatia flights


Lufthansa’s low cost subsidiary Eurowings will launch flights from its new base in Salzburg in Austria to both Dubrovnik and Split next summer season. Services will run twice per week on both routes starting March 27 to Dubrovnik and March 28 to Split. Lufthansa established Eurowings as a pan-European low cost airline platform, which should grow quickly to 100 aircraft as competition from budget carriers such easyJet, Ryanair, and Vueling rise to a 50% market share in Europe.

Flight details for the Salzburg - Dubrovnik service can be found here, while additional information on the Salzburg - Split route can be viewed here.


  1. Anonymous11:48

    Great stuff!
    Also interesting for city trip to SZG from CRO - prices from 78 eur return...

  2. Purger13:47

    "Which should grow quickly to 100 aircraft?"

    With Germanwings 100% incorporation, new planes by Lufthansa and planes that will be taken from Air Berlin it will grow to 150 planes.

    With incorporation of Condor and Brussels what will, almost sure, happen, it will grow to 250 planes in 2017.

    With SAS, Adria and Croatia (what could happen in 2018) it can grow to 450 planes, what is size of Ryanair.

    1. SAS worth way more...I dont see point making legacy airline LCC

    2. Anonymous13:57

      Also regarding Brussels.

    3. Anonymous15:00

      @PurgerSeptember 16, 2016 at 1:47 PM

      Lets keep Brussels, SAS, Croatia and Adria out of this please, You do start to sound silly with such predictions.

      I'm sure Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark would object to any of your suggestions as would Croatia.

      Eurowings will grow, natural size is about the size of EasyJet and Ryan Air, there are too many low cost operators in Europe as is.

      however there's a great likelihood Eurowings will establish a base in Zagreb once it sorts its own mess at first serving Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Koln/Bonn and perhaps even Dusseldorf as Germanwings are incorporated in to Eurowings. After that likely destinations out of Zagreb are, Gothenburg, Dublin, Krakow, Lyon, Bordeaux, Birmingham and Seville. Or base two A319s @Zagreb, I predict this can happen by 2020.

      However non of these destinations will impact on OU or other carriers @ Zagreb.

    4. Purger11:01

      It is not my prediction, but Lufthansa statement. Lufthansa is in negotiations with SAS and Brussels for two months now to involve them in Eurowings.

      Concerning Croatia and Adria Lufthansa also point interest to involve them in Eurowings, and I made some possible scenario, which I find real, and that is to involve Croatia and Adria A319/320 fleets into Eurowings and to open bases in LJU, ZAG, SPU and DBV. In same time Lufthansa could involve CRJ and Q400 fleets in CityLine and to open routes from LJU, MXB, ZAG, PUY, RJK, ZAD, OSI, SPU and DBV to MUC, FRA, ZRH and VIE. Will that happen depends on lot of factor. But for sure that is Lufthansa wish.

  3. Anonymous19:24

    Great news for Croatia, new carriers (routes) are being announced every once in a while!

  4. Anonymous10:51

    what about vie-rjk low cost? that would be a great feeder in summer months


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