Montenegro – Air Serbia to finalise codeshare deal


Montenegro Airlines and Air Serbia are yet to finalise a major codeshare agreement which will include 32 destinations. Montenegro Airlines’ Executive Director, Zoran Krstić, says the two are yet to agree when the codeshare will come into effect and how revenues will be divided from ticket sales. However, Mr Krstić added the arrangement must be finalised by October 30 at the start of the 2016/17 winter season. It is believed the agreement will have an impact on Montenegro Airlines’ network. Mr Krstić noted that a further four annexes, concerning scheduling and ground operations, are to be signed. Montenegro Airlines’ former Chief Commercial Officer, Predrag Marković, resigned last month citing the Air Serbia deal as one of the reasons for his departure. Mr Maković believes the deal will turn Montenegro Airlines into a feeder to its larger counterpart. On the other hand, Mr Krstić said, “I’m a lawyer by profession and I would be the first to reject any agreement that could do harm to the company. With this contract we have opened the doors to entering Etihad Partners with airlines such as Alitalia and Air Berlin. We will soon sign a codeshare agreement with Etihad as well”.


  1. Anonymous13:47

    By resigning, Mr Markovic obviously did not agree with the new direction that was decided for the company... by his actions, he was for the status quo - a period over which he was responsible for the biggest losses ever incurred by the airline and a time in which the accounts of the airline were also falsified.

    This man should have been arrested, not allowed to resign ...

  2. Anonymous14:40

    I sincerely hope Air Serbia would not accept an agreement which would allow Montenegro Airlines to milk the Serbian company. No agreement is much better than bad agreement. Better to walk out. Air Serbia does not really need this agreement. Montenegro Airlines needs it. It must be a fair agreement, with Montenegrins collecting only what they deserved.

    1. Anonymous22:08

      Its obvious that Montenegro Airlines only wants to milk Etihad without giving anything to them.

    2. JATBEGMEL00:06

      JU stands to gain from this agreement too.

      - From this, most definately there will be reshuffling of timetables to allow full connectivity to JU network ex BEG.

      - JU is chronically short of regional ac, while YM has more than it needs. With JU able to get revenue from YM ops, JU could redeploy the ac on other regional (DBV, SPU, VAR, TIA) or open new destinations (OMO, OMR, VCE, ZAD).

      - Strengthen JU offering to Montenegro by allowing large amounts of options in connectivity from one booking.

      - Ability to upgauge where the ATR is too small yet the A319 too big.

    3. Anonymous11:19

      + monopoly on route BEG-TGD/TIV

    4. Anonymous21:30

      The agreement would marginally improve JU overall performance. But it is of essential importance to YM. Therefore JU should compromise a little, YM a lot. Everything else is a big mistake for ASL.


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