Montenegro Airlines joins Galaxy Note 7 ban


Montenegro Airlines is the latest company to ban the use of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones. The measure came into effect over the weekend. In a statement, Montenegro Airlines said, “The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a warning to all air carriers, including ours, of potential safety risks from the use of the most recent model of Samsung smartphones. There were cases where the devices caught on fire due to a malfunction with lithium batteries”. It added, “The company appeals to passengers that they notify the staff on board if their device is damaged, warm, smoking, lost or has any other issues. All Montenegro Airlines staff will take part in monitoring the matter”. The airline has prohibited the phone from being turned on or charged during the flight, as well as packed in checked-in luggage. Last week, Adria Airways also banned the use of the phone on board its aircraft.


  1. Air Serbia did the same last week

  2. Anonymous20:56

    I think that this ban is more marketing trip, so somebody can hear about the existence of such airlines.


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