Pula Airport records strong growth


Pula Airport handled 115.026 passengers during August, an increase of 28% compared to the same month last year. It is the second consecutive month that the airport managed to welcome over 100.000 passengers through its doors. During the January - August period, Pula Airport handled 349.633 travellers, up 25%. The French market recorded the strongest growth of 92%, followed by Ireland +52%, the United Kingdom +22%, Russia +20% and the Netherlands, where numbers increased 10% compared to last year. The airport now estimates it will handle over 400.000 passengers by the end of September, signalling its best year on record.


  1. Anonymous13:21

    Bravo Istra!

  2. Over 400.000 is very good for a small airport

  3. Anonymous18:35

    Actually before 1990 Pula handled 670 000 passengers.


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