Wizz Air extends Ohrid service into winter


Wizz Air has upgraded its seasonal service between London Luton and Ohrid into year-long flights. The budget carrier will continue to maintain the route past October 30 twice per week, each Wednesday and Sunday. Flights between the two cities were launched last year but were operated only during the summer. The service will complement its existing year-long flights between Basel and Ohrid. Wizz Air is the busiest carrier operating out of Macedonia, handling 795.000 passengers from/to Skopje and Ohrid last year.


  1. Tranquilis12:11

    Oh wow. Something not even Zadar has despite being a Ryanair base. Nor Split by Wizz.

    Well done, boys and girls, well done.

  2. Anonymous16:17

    Who is even flying this route despite the fact that UK maintain visa regime to MK.

  3. Anonymous17:09

    I hope ohrid gets more charter flights and even some regular lines either summer basis or even year long round hopefully for another 3 lines in the next 1 or 2 years :) ohrid may not have a big catchment area but I believe there is definitely room for expansion :D

  4. Anonymous19:42


  5. Flew LTN-OHD 3 times this summer.
    Flghts were between 60 -80% full. Mixed crowd of Brits, Albanians and Macedonians mostly.
    This line has future and I belev we'll see 3rd weekly flight to OHD fro LTN.
    By the way (and unfortunately) The municipality of Ohrid, nor the Macedonian government does not run tourism campaigns in UK yet about Ohrid.
    If this was the case, we'll see much more LTN-OHD flights.
    by the way - OHD is the most amazing landing.

  6. Anonymous19:22

    Attn Podgorica spotters,

    A-321 neo prototype D-AVXB will do some trial flights with Wizz crew on Friday, 23SEP.


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