Zadar Airport registers busiest month


Zadar Airport has recorded its busiest month since opening its doors to the public almost five decades ago. This August, the airport handled 101.919 passengers, an increase of 6.1% compared to the same month last year. Following a slow start to 2016, the airport has welcomed 378.318 travellers over the past eight months, an improvement of 6.1% on 2015. Zadar anticipates handling over 500.000 passengers in 2016, which would make this year its busiest on record. Meanwhile, Eurowings recently announced it would launch flights between Vienna and Zadar in 2017. Initially planned to run once per week, the seasonal flights have been boosted to three weekly after strong sales.


  1. Ryanair launches GLA-ZAD 2pw

  2. Very intersting, Zadar could hit the 500k this year

    1. Anonymous05:18

      They will.
      Zadar had the best growth of the top 5 busiest airports in Croatia, percentage vise. Starting from 30k in 2000 they got up to 116k in 2007. Since then increasing by more than 4 times. Pula for example will only surpass their 2008 pax numbers, when they managed 397k.


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