Air Berlin leases Air Serbia B737


Air Serbia has arranged a short-term wet-lease of one of its Boeing 737 aircraft, operated under the Aviolet charter brand, to Etihad Airways partner Air Berlin. The 29-year-old jet, registered YU-ANJ, began operating flights for Germany’s second largest airline this morning between Cologne, Berlin and Stuttgart. The cash-strapped Air Berlin is to slash its operating fleet and allocate forty aircraft to the rival Lufthansa Group, in a significant restructuring effort that will cost more than 10% of the airline's workforce. Air Berlin has required repeated bailouts from shareholder Etihad. This summer, Air Serbia leased the same B737 to Montenegro Airlines for several days.


  1. Anonymous13:54

    what is the news with regards to YU-AND? it under maintenance or else since it has not been flying for a while??

    1. It's currently going through C check at JAT tehnika

    2. Here is the latest picture of ND:

    3. Anonymous20:14

      Hvala Milose! ... Uvek se nekako bojim da se neki od B733 ne vrati na letenje, znam da su stari ali eto prirasli su mi za srce pa mi dodje zao da odu...poz

  2. Anonymous14:35

    Hope they get paid.

  3. Anonymous15:31

    Eeeee svasta....kad je Svabo došao do uzima 30god star avion od nas, pored svoje moderne flota od 150 aviona, onda stvarno je ovaj svet pukao! :))))

  4. Anonymous16:09

    Air Berlin/TuiFly crew is worried about the ongoing restructuring. But as they can not easily protest/go on strike in Germany right now, many went for the undeclared strike instead and reported sick.

    This way Air Berlin ran out of crew and Air Serbia is helping out until enough Air Berlin stuff is well again ... ;-)

  5. Anonymous19:35

    According to FR24 the has ended, YU-ANJ has landed at BEG

  6. Anonymous19:36

    Air Berlin has required repeated bailouts from shareholder Etihad.

  7. Anonymous09:27

    Am I wrong that Air Serbia and its crew in this case is knobsticking a bit its colleagues in Air Berlin? JAT had a long history of doing this worldwide one of prime examples being Ansett Austraila strike in late eighties when JAT pilots went there to fly while their Ozzie colleagues grounded the fleet fighting for better t&c's...

  8. Anonymous09:19

    Please lease them all. Awful full flight on 30 year old aircraft to Stockholm on Tuesday.....unacceptable. dirty uncomfortable, and slightly scary. Aircraft older than any of the cabin crew!!


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