Brač Airport to begin runway extension


Brač Airport will commence work on lengthening its runway from its current 1.440 metres to 1.760 metres within the next two weeks. Valued at 666.000 euros, the 320 metre extension will allow for the island airport to handle larger aircraft. Work is expected to be completed by the end of April 2017. Opened in 1993, Brač Airport is Croatia's youngest commercial airport but has struggled to maintain year-long flights. During the first three quarters, it handled 11.814 passengers, an increase of 37% compared to the same period last year. It currently caters for aircraft up to 100 seats and hopes to handle Fokkers, Airbus A319s and new Bombardier C-series jets once the lengthening of the runway is completed. A recent deal with tour operator TUI will see new flights to the airport next year, which will bring an additional 30.000 passengers to Brač who had previously used Split Airport.


  1. Anonymous17:26

    What TUI deal? Flights from where?

    Does anyone have any info?

    30.000 more pax through such a deal would mean that BWK quadruples it's passenger numbers! Wow!

  2. Very intresting the TUI deal

  3. Anonymous23:23

    The owner of the airport also owns hotels and resorts on the island and TUI make sense cause he already works with them.

  4. Bluesun hotels' owner Jako Andabak


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