Croatia Airlines marks Sarajevo anniversary


Croatia Airlines yesterday marked twenty years since launching operations between Zagreb and Sarajevo, becoming the first airline to introduce scheduled flights to the city after the war. It commenced services on the route with an ATR42 and now offers thirteen weekly flights between the two cities with a Dash 8 turboprop. "We are very proud that our aircraft was the first to land at Sarajevo Airport in 1996, which opened a new chapter in its development. Since then, we have carried almost one million passengers on the route", Croatia Airlines' CEO, Krešimir Kučko, said. The carrier has previously announced plans to open a base in the Bosnian capital next year and link it with several European cities.


  1. A torta je napravljena kod negog 8-godisnjeg djeteta..

  2. Anonymous11:31

    Možda 6-godišnjaka.

  3. Anonymous11:57

    One million passengers in 20 years, that comes out to about 34 passengers per flight (13 weekly flights).

    I suppose that now they have about 50 per flight which isn't bad.

  4. Anonymous11:59

    Torta ❤️

  5. Anonymous13:20

    A šta ovo u Bosni ne znaju praviti torte?

    1. Anonymous13:40

      Bolje da su napravili ogromnu tufahiju.

    2. Anonymous15:24

      Ha ha ha! :)


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