Croatia Airlines to run Osijek – Dublin charters


Croatia Airlines will operate charter flights between Osijek and Dublin during the upcoming Christmas and New Year holiday period to evaluate interest for the route. Osijek Airport’s General Manager, Domagoj Marinić, says the charters will run on December 23, 2016 and January 2, 2017 and will serve as a trial for year-long flights which the airport expects will commence next summer season. According to Mr Marinić, the airport is in talks with both Croatia Airlines and Ryanair over introducing scheduled flights on the route in 2017. There is a growing Croatian diaspora in Ireland with Osijek also anticipating interest from travellers in neighbouring Serbia and Hungary.


  1. Danijel23:03

    Bilo je i vrijeme. Morali bi biti malo aktivniji u CA. Ljudi pisu peticije i traze da uvedu tu liniju. A nije da bi letili besplatno.

  2. Anonymous08:36

    That is interesting.

    And is OU allowed to sell seats on the legs Zag-Osi and back in line with the PSO for that routing, given they'd start Osi-Dub from next summer e.g. once weekly (or is there a clause they can only use a max. 50seater or similar for that route to benefit from PSO)?

    However do they really expect higher loads from Osi compared to starting the flight from Zag?


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